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BY: Knut Randem,
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 3 June 2022

A castle and a garden in development: Baroniet i Rosendal 300 years

A wedding between Norway's richest heir and a Danish nobleman has given Norway a magnificent garden and castle from 1665.

The barony in Rosendal has a long and complicated history through inheritance and power to today's public attraction. Rooms and halls have been designed by different owners over the centuries. Some rooms are unique and one of a kind in Norway.

Famous rose garden

The Barony's rose garden is magnificent when it is in full bloom. visited the plant during the fruit bloom in 2021. We have therefore borrowed some photos of the bloom from Baroniet Rosendal. The rose garden is a remnant of the old Renaissance garden Ludvig Rosenkrantz and Karen Mowatt laid out. The over 150-acre garden is an experience in the cross between the cultural landscape and the organized garden. It is alive and changing with the different seasons.

Garden history

It is a beautiful and historic garden with a Renaissance garden, a romantic landscape park and a kitchen garden. From Rosendal's garden there is a view of the Malmangernut, Melderskin, Laurdalstind, Hattebergfossen and the Hardangerfjord. The garden has been built up over several hundred years with changing styles and fashions within the art of gardening. Here you can experience over 300 years of garden history!


From the first snowdrops in January, there is flowering for large parts of the year with fruit blossoms and Easter and Pentecost lilies in the spring. The big wisteria at the castle blooms in early summer before the rhododendrons and azaleas in many colors bloom in June. In July, the roses come into full bloom and bloom well into the autumn. Due to the pandemic, the castle from 1665 was not available in 2021. In any case, you can get a digital and educational tour in the visitor centre. Concerts with various artists are also organized in Riddersalen throughout the summer. Check out for details and this year's opening hours.

Where do you live?

There are several places to stay for motorhomes in the area. Rosendal motorhome parking, within walking distance of the Baroniet, is very popular and often full. A little further away, the Hardanger mobile home park has a fantastic view. You can also stay at Camp Lothepus in Odda. The tunnel through the mountain quickly brings you to Rosendal. If you do not live in Rosendal, there is a car park outside the Baroniet's large garden.

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