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By: Jostein Djupvik, Travel Committee, deputy chairman NBCC department Bergen and Hordaland
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2022

The travel committee: Finally on wheels again!

After over a year of pandemic, closure of society and cancellation of many planned activities, we finally saw an opportunity for a trip again! NBCC department Bergen had used the pandemic period for planning.

When society gradually opened up again, we chose to carry out the planned June trip to Northern Norway. Senja, Vesterålen and Lofoten with midnight sun, long white beaches, fish in the sea and a fantastic nature knew we were there waiting for us. A total of 9 motorhomes/camping trailers were registered. We split into two groups, where group 1 started a week earlier than group 2. Group 1 drove up Senja, while group 2 drove directly to Vesterålen. The groups met in Harstad and drove together in Vesterålen and Lofoten. Group 1 used approx. 4 weeks on the trip while group 2 approx. 3 weeks.

History from the recent past

The trip from Bergen and north was planned as pure transport. We still had to make a couple of stops, i.a. we took the time to visit the Falstad Center and the Falstad Forest just south of Levanger. The visit made a strong impression, cruel history from the recent past was told and shown to us in a way that made the hairs on the backs of many of us stand up. We must never forget! Group 1 reached Senja after a trip with long stages, in beautiful northern Norwegian nature. And what does it do if we are a little tired when we have many and exciting experiences ahead of us?

Relax in deep breaths

Fjordbotn Camping was the first stop. 2 days at rest, exhale, and not least inhale Senja in deep breaths. The weather gods were not on our side, but seriously, there was room for all of us in the barbecue hut. With a fire in the fireplace, freshly fried waffles and coffee in the cup, we had a very good time! We had to visit the Senja troll. The big role was unfortunately burnt down! But the trollunga was there.

Ersfjordstranda free camp with the famous golden toilet and a lovely sandy beach lies like a pearl with the strange mountain chain 'The Devil's Tooth' in the background. The land of contrasts! People swam, fish were landed, we just enjoyed life!

Midnight Sun

After a round to a couple of smaller, but noteworthy villages on Senja and an overnight stay at Finnsnes Bobilcamp, the trip went to Camp Solbergfjord on Dyrøya. This topped off the Senja tour and we stayed for 3 days. An adventurous fishing, it almost stood in line and asked to join us! Midnight sun, lovely view, little sleep and the wonderful aftertaste of freshly cooked blood-fresh cod in the company of good camping friends! Heavenly! Harstad next. Group 2 is waiting here and we finally got together. City tour, festival opening, barbecue and ladder golf. 2 days went by way too fast.

Further, further…

Campers often have restless feet. Further, further. Now to Bleik on Andøya. A wonderful campsite, insanely beautiful beach, cozy village and sharp mountains formed a great frame behind us. Waffle cake frying on the beach. It was the brightest day of the year. The sun didn't set, the birdsong didn't stop, people didn't stop humming, a radio in the distance didn't stop singing. Difficult to go to bed! Bleik delivered!

With the ocean beyond

Nyksund next. A disused fishing village with the ocean right around the headland! In the old sea arches there is activity in the summer. Artists. Antique dealers. And not least restaurants. The one we chose was full flap, dining experience in an old setting, you will have to look for a long time for something better! The Queen's route ends in Nyksund, the fittest in the group spent a few hours in the mountains out here towards the Arctic Ocean before the engines started again. It was St. Hansa evening, we drove south across Vesterålen. A short stop in Sortland before we spent the night at the Melbu motorhome camp in the boat harbour. No fire, but all the grills came out. Surrounded by bobbing boats and the sound of lapping waves, we celebrated St. Hansaften 2021, in a ring around glowing grills. We will soon forget this!

Mouth mask and hand sanitizer

Ferry to Fiskebøl. On to Henningsvær in Lofoten. The weather gods on the opponents' team and corona alarm in the village. With a mask and hand sanitizer, rain gear and good courage, Henningsvær was taken in and viewed, we set off. In bad weather, one is even more impressed by the fact that for many hundreds of years people have supported themselves and survived out on the 'outermost islets'. Lucky us who can crawl into a warm car or wagon, start up and drive on.

"Johan Bojer country"

New port of departure. This time Utakleiv. The work of creation and the fact that people cling to it is still just as impressive. Perhaps we southerners find it too easy to be impressed by northern Norwegian nature and survivability? No, I don't think so, what we see and experience is simply fantastic! Think back a number of years, the men rowed fishing, the wife and the flock at home and looked after the cow and the sheep, scouted out a rough sea and waited, and waited. Too many never returned. Or think of the children who liked to have a school road over the mountain, or along steep mountain sides with a foaming sea just below. The walk on the old, narrow and landslide-prone road along the sea where information signs told about various accidents made a strong impression. The words "the struggle for existence" were given content, as Johan Bojer did in the book "The Last Viking"!

Good time is needed in Lofoten

New day. Lofotr Viking museum, Smeden in Sund, Reine, Anitas Fiskerestaurant on Sakrisøy and Å can be safely recommended. We were unfortunately a bit too busy, so leave plenty of time here if you're traveling to Lofoten! Good for both soul and stomach. Our destination this day was Moskenes Camping, a great place with a nice host. According to the plan, the next day we were to drive to Svolvær and take the ferry out to Skrova and end the official part of the trip there. But with weather reports saying strong gales with gusts of wind, we chose not to travel to Skrova, the trip therefore ended at Moskenes.

Without accident

After an evening gathering with reminiscence and thanks for the trip, we parted ways the next morning. Some took the ferry to Bodø, others drove the road into Lofoten. Via various routes to the south, everyone returned to Bergen without incident of any kind. We thank you for the trip and look forward to next summer and new opportunities!

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