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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, September 4

«Skuta i åkeren»: The Hurtigruten Museum in Stokmarknes' new opener

Since 1999, the Hurtigruten ship «Finnmarken» has been a stranded landmark on dry land by the harbor in Stokmarknes. Since 1893, Hurtigruten has been the link between the coastal settlements along the Norwegian coast and the rest of the world. The new Hurtigruten Museum will tell the story for future generations.

For almost 40 years, MS Finnmarken plowed the 2000 km. by sea from Bergen to Kirkenes and back. Summer, autumn, winter and spring. In maximum weather and sleet. The lifeline of the population had to be kept going. It cost, many ships have sunk, people have died. But the Hurtigruten ships have contributed to Norway still having settlement along the coast. It is the backdrop that MS Finnmarken has now got its own house that will ensure that both the ship and the history of the Hurtigruten live on for future generations.

Large project

In 1991, the first Hurtigruten Museum opened at Stokmarknes, and in 2009 plans were made to build in the ship and create a historic cultural center. In 2018, the financing came into place in a tripartite agreement between Hadsel municipality, m Museum Nord and the Norwegian Hurtigruten Museum Foundation. The building is now complete and ready to convey the story of the Hurtigruten, create commitment around the forces of nature and provide insight into how Norway as a maritime nation has developed. Occasionally, cultural festivals and exhibitions are arranged.

Arena for culture and history

On 28 August, the Minister of Culture opened this new arena for coastal culture, transport, fishing, settlement and tourism. For the trip with Hurtigruta from Bergen to Kirkenes and back is one of the major international tourist attractions that annually attracts thousands of international tourists to Norway. In its time, the state has contributed 40 million, while municipalities, businesses and others in northern Norway have contributed the rest of the 168 million that is the price tag on the new cultural center.

Relevant museums

The master plans from 2014 state that museums must be relevant, create interest, increase knowledge and provide a basis for reflection. Museum Nord operates a total of 21 museums in Ofoten, Lofoten and Vesterålen, and thus has broad expertise and experience in operating the new Hurtigruten Museum, it appears from a press release at the opening. Museum Nord will now formally become a tenant at Vernebygg, which owns the building itself over MS Finnmarken.

Many visitors

The new museum has room for many visitors, and the board of the museum wants to create enthusiasm and engagement with new groups of museum guests. Visitors will therefore receive a wide range of salons, catering, scenography, guiding and dissemination of knowledge. The goal is for the Hurtigruten Museum to become a strong brand with many visitors each year from all over the country. The target groups are both cultural and learning guests, the whole family and the attraction hunters, it appears from the presentation from the museum.

Living history

On board the MS Finnmarken you will experience a "living" MS Finnmarken through

sound effects and activities, and where you also meet our crew and other passengers /

guests. Good atmosphere on board with the smell of food in the cafe, music, restored furniture and a well taken care of boat. Stories, highlights, stories and activities throughout the boat. You enter different eras from the beginning of the 1900th century in DS Finmarken, to the 50s café in MS Finnmarken and other salons with a strong 80s feel, to a modern exhibition in an architecture from 2020. An original salon from the first DS Finnmarken from 1912 is also in place. Together, this will give visitors and guests a unique experience, something you will never forget, promises the management of the Hurtigruten Museum.

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