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Text and photo: JØRGEN E. snow
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 1. February 2015

Adventure Travel along the coastal highway, Helgeland summertime

All along the coastal road there are excellent opportunities for side trips to countless natural treasures. From Levang to Nesna we can again enjoy a beautiful ferry ride before we take into NBCC Top Camping Nesna.

Havblikk Feriesenter & Motell is within walking distance to Hurtigrutekaia and the city center, where there are opportunities to make the necessary upgrades of the food supply if necessary. If you do not want to enjoy a few days at the campsite and bathing facility with water slide on site.

Many jobs in the small coastal town is affiliated school for teachers. Nesna is of old a trading post where trading house with merchant Sahl was dominant.

Ironworks town of Mo i Rana

Onward journey runs along the shoreline of the ocean with great views in very flat terrain, only to rise sharply Sjonfjellet mountain. If the weather is good with good visibility, it is time to stop at the viewpoint just before the top.

The view of the archipelago Nesna with islands Hugla, Handnesøy, Lovund and Træna who are some famous islands, top. Like so many roads in northern Norway are also here plans to add road tunnel through Mount Sjonfjel-. It is the extremely difficult weather conditions in the winter which is why this tunnel might become reality in a few years. After one has come down in the lowlands where the road goes straight into the ironworks town of Mo i Rana turns coastal highway abruptly north again. With scenery galore against the sea and mountains.

Island hopping

When reaching the ferry port Stokkvågen should certainly consider island hopping with camper or car with caravan. It goes both speedboats and ferries to and from Stokkvågen these is provided for the islands of Træna, Lovund and Sleneset. Out here it's not close with campsites, but it works out with overnight accommodation just talking with locals.

In municipalities out here is the fishing and aquaculture is the major industry. If you love music and want a different concert experience is Trænafestivalen which should be included in planning the trip. Trænstaven is a very prominent mountain on one of the islands which have become immensely popular as hike option.

war history

Along the narrow but stunning scenic stretch of road ahead of Stokkvågen come to Grønsvik coastal battery. Here it was that so many other places during WWII built large military facilities. This is now a great coastal military museum. Here there is ample parking space, even for larger vehicles.

Onward journey goes through scenic Aldersundet until KILBOGHAVN Ferry Terminal. Here one can deservedly take some day stop. Three kilometers from the ferry port is Polar Camp at Hilstad, which is a good base for trips in the area. From the campsite you can see polar circle support across the fjord. From the campsite you have a chance to get a great experience if you take the mail boat that heading into Melfjord completely into Melfjordbotn. Along one gets a view towards Svartisen, one can also get a polarsirkeldåp in the hundreds of meters tall waterfall Nattmoråga, that plunges straight into the fjord.

Arctic Circle

Onward journey crossing the Arctic Circle on the ferry ride from KILBOGHAVN to Jektvik. There we find the last ferry stretch of the trip. From the ferry sees Furøy camping, a great NBCC Top Camping located a few hundred meters from the ferry port. Also on Furøy it is possible to rent a boat, and when the opportunities for great catches present.

If you choose any day stay at Furøy in Halsa can relatively easily get all the way to Svartisen where glacier arm from Engenbreen cascades down the mountainside. To get there one uses the boat across which runs from Holand in Holandsfjord. From here one can go along way to until the Svartisen. One should not start on glacier without a guide, one must also be careful near the ice that may calve (ice avalanches).

In here there is also the opportunity to get themselves a good meal before you return with the passenger boat.

Svartistunnelen farthest

The trip further north goes through Svartistunnelen which are coastal national road longest. Glomfjord the next village, which is built around industry which was possible because of the ample supply of electricity where this energy has been produced in a hundred years. In clear weather along the way, you actually get from the road to see the memorial for submarine Fearless, which was sunk here during World War II. From the road there is a view of the Lofoten. The name has this set of islands gained rightly so, for it really looks like a wall of mountains.


Saltstraumen is right before FV 17 ends. Here you will find good camping opportunities, as there are campsites on both sides of the Saltstraumen. Easiest access to experience the world's strongest maelstrom obtained from the northern side of the sound.

From Pluscamp Saltstraumen it is an easy hike down to the seaside. Here there are great opportunities to try your luck. It can in high season be cramped for the best fishing spots. For those who like to get the adrenaline has the option when it is held from Bodo Sea rafting trip through this powerful stream.

A journey along the coastal highway in Helgeland is like a journey through wonderland. Most opportunities are queued, and it has been written several travel books how it is here.

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