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By: Tone Hasle and Finn Bjurvoll Hansen
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 2 April 2019

With Motorhome in Europe for a whole year - part 4

Tone and Finn Bjurvoll Hansen will spend the next year in motorhome. The tour goes all over Europe, and in each issue of Bobil and Caravan Magazine they will tell about their experiences. Here from Corsica on the way to the ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

Corsica - the island that has the most

After spending the night at Pero Longo, we had to rethink the situation a bit. During the period we have been to Corsica it has become more and more challenging to find places we can park for a night or two. After checking the pages of ACSI and CamperContact, it turned out that most of it is closed. The plan was also to travel to Sardinia, but after doing some research we found that the situation was quite similar to that of Corsica. In conclusion, the best time to travel to Corsica and Sardinia by motorhome is during the period April to mid October.


We have had wonderful 10 days in Corsica, but now we felt it was time to move on. After Pero Longo, we decided to book a ferry from Bastia to Livorno in Italy, and there were available seats the following day. We drove up to Bastia again for one last night in Corsica before sailing over to Italy. Fortunately, there was one campsite open in Bastia, but this closed the day after we left. The ferry ride between Bastia and Livorno takes only three hours. The boat and food were good, the water was flat and nice, and at. 18: We roll 00 ashore in Livorno.


We had picked out Camping Miramare This was the closest campsite. To avoid driving far in the dark on unknown roads, we chose to drive there. As we drive in front of the boom, a head comes out of the hatch at the front desk talking some Italian words we didn't understand, while pointing to the car and saying no !, no !, no !, no !. The car was too big. Tone whispered to talk to the man, he was obviously charmed and let us in anyway. We experienced a bit of the same thing as we did in Peniscola earlier this year, threatening nine meters of car into an 6,5 meter space. A kind of sloping hatch parking meant that we just got the front on the inside of the space we had been allocated. After a while, the man came over to inspect, and he was very pleased with how we had solved this. He was also pleased and pleased that he was able to sell accommodation for cars up to 9 meters.

New battle plan

Since our plan to drive on to Sardinia, and ferry from there on to Sicily had been shelved, we had to prepare a new battle plan. We thought that maybe we should crush Sicily altogether and drive northern Italy a little bit. There are many great places in that area.

After looking at the map and calculating some driving time, we decided to drive the west coast of Italy down to the Messina Strait. There were ferries here that could take us to Sicily. There were also several places along this route that we would like to stop.

After a few days of relaxation at Camping Miramare, it was ready to move on.

South of Italy

From Livorno and down to the Messina Strait it is approx. 100 miles We did not want to run such long stages, so we decided to divide this route into three parts. The first stop along the route was in Pomonte. Here we found a nice winery, Agriturismo Pomonte, which also had a nice car park. Again we notice that we are driving a little out of season. At the winery there was both restaurant and wine sales, but everything was closed since the season ended. Anyway, the car park itself was open and it was a great area, so there is definitely little to find out if you want to explore the area a bit.


From Pomonte the trip continued south towards Naples. It started to get a little slinky in the fridge, so we thought we could drive around Naples to shop a little before we found the motorhome parking we had been recommended in Pozzouli. We won't elaborate on this very much, but driving a motorhome in downtown Naples is a nerve-wracking challenge. The streets are narrow, there is a lot of double parking which actually makes it impossible to get past, there is no rule that one should stand 4 meters from the street corners. The cars tend to stand all the way around the street corners and make it almost impossible to get around. All the time there are also scooters whizzing by on all sides, there is a lot of honing that also makes you can be quite stressed. On a couple of occasions, the opening to get past was so narrow that cars had to be moved.

Finding a store to shop a little in this chaos was just to forget, the main focus was to get out of town again as quickly as possible. Eventually we came down the main road again and could breathe out. Now it carried on towards Pozzouli and the motorhome parking there.


This is the prime example of a "real" Italian suburb. There were few or no tourists here, and there was a blissful chaos of people and cars. The motorhome car park Castagnaro Parking in Pozzouli is located a bit by itself up on the hillside, and is sheltered from much of the noise from the city. The motorhome parking itself was great, and there was plenty of space for large cars. From the motorhome parking we walked a walk down to the center, a walk of only 10 minutes, to take a closer look at the city. As mentioned earlier, it is a blissful chaos, and it seems that the Italians have their very own traffic rules. There is a lot of car density, so the driving style will probably have to be changed a bit to make it flow, here you just have to take care of yourself if you want to get there. The next part of the trip goes via Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii to the toe of the Italian boot.


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