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Text and photo: Olav Barhaugen
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 2. April 2017

With caravan back to Spain

As I wrote last year, my time is as a motorhome traveler this time. Caravan has been purchased and new experiences are waiting. First trip went back to Spain where I spent last winter.

The jomfruture with caravan was not only a positive experience. The joy of having started a new era in camping life was overshadowed by not having control over the equation. Despite the fact that my Mercedes E-Class was a relatively big car and approved for such a heavy tow, it felt like the truck would take control. To put on a trip with this temptation nothing special, then the idea of ​​acquiring a more powerful car came. A Mercedes ML I regarded as a very suitable car, and the search for was in progress. After considering several cars suddenly a nice one with low km and acceptable price in the area appeared. A quick inspection and trial was enough to convince me that this was the right car. That the seller would also take my old car in exchange made the case easier and I could go home with a "new" car.

Extended driver's license

The downside to this was that I was now in a weight class that exceeded what I was allowed to drive with my fresh B96 driver's license. Thus I had to take BE. Since I already had the theoretical part ready, it was just the driveway that was needed. But getting to this in the summer vacation was easier said than done. Thus I stood there with a crew I was not allowed to drive with, and the plans for camping car trips in Norway went into the sink. Instead, there were some clean car rides, and more tours in the mountain world of the bardom. Do not waste any bad alternative either, although I would like to experience Northern Norway again. But we are waiting for it to happen later.

Long trip

In mid-August I had an hour to drive to BE, and it went well. The sensor realized that I had driven a lot of cars before, even with hanging. He had some remarks, but he regarded it as good advice on the road and crossed for "passing". Thus I could legally put on the road. Since it was now time for my departure to Düsseldorf and the motorcraft, I set the course towards Eidsvoll, and parked with the family there. Back from the show, just make some practical things and pack what I would like to contribute to Spain. Ferry from Gothenburg to Kiel was ordered for 1. September, and then only goodbye to Norway for this time. God knows how long it will be until the carriage gets to know Norwegian asphalt under the tires again.

Fastest way

After a pleasant sea trip and a good night's sleep, I rolled into Kiel on Friday morning 2. September. The plan was to get back to Spain as soon as possible, since I had a lot of work with articles from the show, and the deadline was approaching storm storms. I had decided to drive a little down in Germany the first day, then take away the rest during the weekend while there was little heavy traffic on the roads. I chose to drive the western square via A1 to Luxembourg. The traffic flowed easily down the Autobahn, and in the afternoon, there was still less traffic on the road. I was healthy and obvious, and so no reason to stop. Luxembourg was set as goal for today's leg. It also looked good considering the fuel tank ran out of doors, and in Luxembourg you will find Europe's cheapest diesel.

Full parking spaces

After filling both diesel tank and stomach, the pursuit of a place to stay was started. Then I found out where all the car trainers had gone. All parking spaces along the highway were plastered, so just keep going. I was on our way up in our view that there was a large car park reserved for motorhomes and caravans by the bus station just off Nancy. There was plenty of space, so at the 2 time at night I hit camp there. Fresh and refreshed with a good breakfast and coffee onboard, I laid in France. Properly lovely weather this Saturday morning, and I got a different impression of the landscape than on the trip up in spring when the rain poured down. The car also worked perfectly, and proved to be the optimal tractor. I lay on 100 and well, and there was no hint for tracking and winding. Even in a strong sidewind, it was steady as a locomotive.


Down in France it became hotter and it did not take long before the temperature rose steadily. When I approached the coast, 38 was on the meter and it was not under 30 again until I was well in Spain in the evening. The trip had so far exceeded all expectations. A bit queued somewhere but never so that it stood completely quiet. Since it was so hot, it was impossible to think of sleeping behind the vogna, and since I was healthy and obvious, Barcelona was set as today's goal. I arrived at half past seven on Saturday night, and then the temperature had risen again in the 30 century. So, just keep going. Not until I nearly reached Valencia, the temperature had slowed down that it was possible to walk behind the carriage and sleep for a few hours. But with open windows outside a relatively turbulent gas station there were not many hours I was sleeping. Now it was just over 15 miles left for Albir, so after a good breakfast, the last leg went like a dream on an early Sunday morning. At 10, I rolled into the square and finally parked on what should be my hangover in the future.

wintering team

There were not so many at the campground when I arrived. My friends at the neighboring class had arrived the day before, and were the only Norwegians in the place. Otherwise there were some Spaniards, Germans and French there in addition to some of the regular Dutchmen who were to overwinter. The temperature remained high, and there were more forest fires in the area due to the drought. We stayed most in the shade or at the pool during the days, and sat up long for night and night in the warm summer evenings. It was close to 40 degrees for several days, and not much during 30 on the nights. It was only the morning hours that were suitable for writing jobs, but I finished my drug until the deadline this time too.

New awning

I can tell you, and I chose to buy this here in Spain. Both to save weight on the trip down, but there was also money to save. In addition, I think it's okay to shop locally. You can hear the crossing in Norway of these foreign tourists who carry everything from home and do not leave a crown. There is a dealer of tents and camping gear just near the campsite, and I went there to look at the selection. They recommended a locally produced variant that could tailor my wishes. They came to the campsite and scored goals and agreed on colors and designs. It would take two to three weeks before it was finished, and in the meantime I borrowed a sunbathing to get some shade. It was good, not least, to get a little shadow over the air of the fridge that was on the sunny side of the carriage.

Tål solsteken

I agreed the price was fully assembled, and one day two guys arrived with the tent and set it up. They also brought a solid plastic blanket that they lay underneath, with a meter of each side. The ground is very hard here on the square, so they had to drill down the plugs. It was hard work to get up the tent, so I'm glad I missed that job. I am very pleased with the tent and it seems very solid. It is made of PVC cloth and is more durable a fabric tent. A tent that they had in the exhibition at the store had been in the sunstick for four years and was just as nice. Once the colors were not the least faded. I hope to enjoy this for many years. With 7 x 3 meters I have plenty of space and can invite to big companies if I want to. Extra blanket is also in place, and with a gas stove this can be a cozy hangout throughout the winter.

Real Lies

Since I have now settled this will be my last regular travel letter in the series that started last spring. However, I want to come out with glimpses from my life here in Spain, and reports from my tours locally here and there again from Norway. By car, I am free to drive tours around, stay at a hotel or camp in the old fashioned way with tents and sleeping bags.

travel expenses

For those who wonder about the cost of such a trip, I can tell that I used 2673 liter diesel on the 361,5 kilometers. It gives an average average of 1,35 liters / miles, which I'm pleased with. The car and the carriage together weighed close to 4,5 tons, and I kept good speed all the way. Another expense is toll fee. It is not only in Norway that you have such a thing. Both France and Spain have highways, but unlike Norway, there are many alternative roads that are free of charge. If you are looking for nature and housing, this is a good option, but if you are looking forward to the payment paths that are applicable. In total, I paid about 130 Euro in tolls, that's just over 1200 kroner. Including ferry ticket Gothenburg-Kiel, the ride cost me a lot of 9000 kroner. Should I drive outside of the roads, I would have spent at least one day longer. Fuel consumption would probably also be higher because you can not keep even speed.

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