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Text and photo: Olav Barhaugen
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 1, February 2016

With motorhome to warmer winter

A motorhome has been true home employee BoCM, Olav Barhaugen since last summer. Here comes his travelogue of the trip to warmer climes for the winter.

After spending a week at Venice it was time to seek Modena across Italy. The automobile enthusiasts know that in this area produced some of the world's hottest sports cars. Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini are names which makes it tingle at most with little petrol in the blood. Museo Enzo Ferrari is the childhood home of Enzo, and consists of two buildings. One is the workshop where his father had their daily work, and the family lived on the second floor. Alongside is a large modern buildings where a wide range of Ferrari car models on display.

In addition there is also a museum at the factory in Maranello, a little south of Modena. Where is the most focus on Ferrari's motorsport history. In addition, it exhibited numerous special versions and prototypes. The exhibitions changing regularly, so there is always something new to see.

Cities mountains

Slightly north of Modena, Reggio Emilia goes way SS63 through a scenic area. North of La Spezia is the famous Cinque Terre area. Five cities that are almost built into the hillside, each with its distinctive features. I was going to find a parking in La Spezia and explore the area from there. At Levanto there is campervan parking right by the train station, and just a little walk down to the center with shops and restaurants.There is both cramped and few facilities here, but ok to get a night or two.

Cinque Terre is easily accessible by train, so to park at the train station is very convenient. If you buy a day pass on the train you can get off and where you want, and explore all the five towns. I spent a few days here and got to experience this lovely area in a gorgeous fall day.

Wine Region

Further north and west in Italy lies what I consider the world's best wine district, Piedmont. I drove towards Genoa and took off inland. The first stop was the small town of Nizza Monferrato, where I have acquaintances who took over a vineyard 10 years ago. They have put a lot of work into both vineyards and buildings, and the farm now has more apartments for rent. There are still Norwegians who will run the farm, see In April, the departing winegrowers will open the doors to their small hotel Bella Piemonte (www. In addition to hotel operations, they will arrange various experiences for all types of travelers, including those traveling by motorhome or caravan. In the center of Nizza Monferrato there is a cozy motorhome parking with favorable prices, run by a local motorhome club on a more or less voluntary basis. Electricity and water available and even a laundry area.


Piedmont is a beautiful area and there are many opportunities for an adventurous holiday. In Barolo district grown some of the world's best grapes, and a decent selection eateries serving good local food. Want to learn a bit about the area's wines, not to mention taste them, you should contact your Enoteka. There are two such in La Morra. Gallo Wine Gallery has the largest selection and incredibly knowledgeable and friendly staff. Cantina Communale up at church is more affordable, and feel free to check into the church at the same time. It looks anonymous on the outside, but is impressive inside.

It is also worth to swing by Capella de Barolo or La Cappella della Madonna delle Grazie which is the original name. Originally built as a habitation for workers in the vineyard in case heavy rain. A few years ago came the new owners of the vineyard, and the Chapel followed. It was then renovated and they committed some artists to decorate it. The result was a very distinctive and colorful chapel.


A few hours from Piedmont is big cities Turin and Milan. A little further north is the beautiful lakes Como and Lake Maggiore. In the opposite direction lies the Italian and French Riviera and waiting for you. For those shopping happy I can recommend the giant designer outletet McArthurGlen Serravalle Scrivia, slightly southeast of Alessandria. Here you will find over 180 shops with famous brands at favorable prices. This whole district is beautiful and varied, so it is no problem to spend the days and weeks here.

The kingdom playpen

First stop on the Riviera is Monaco, the rich and famous playpen. This Lilliputian state that has scratched stuck in the rock wall has been the epitome of luxury and glamor. The harbor is filled with luxury yachts and the streets are Rolls Royce and Ferrari just as common as a Tesla in Drammensveien in the morning rush hour. A camper parking at the marina below princely palace proved to be a cramped parking garage. One should probably not have longer car than 7 meters to run into here. But the city Monte Carlo was an experience with stroll along the harbor and watch the gorgeous boats and enjoy life. A trip to the casino is the mandatory and I granted me also lunch at Cafe de Paris.


From Monaco was to run straight up the highway and take the quickest route westward. This was a Friday night, and little traffic as most trucks had parked for the weekend. French motorways have tolls, and there is not any cheaper than the toll roads in Norway. But it is effective when you want to quickly forward. I took a proper stage throughout the night and stayed close by Montpellier. Gray weather remained, but it seemed to be finer inland, so I crossed the highway and drove up the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Languedoc. A beautiful area that gave me a slightly different perception of France. It was a few days here even before I ended up in another Lilliputian state, namely Andorra.


Andorra is located southeast of the Pyrenees between France and Spain, and with their 468 sq No. 194 of the world 238 States measured by zone. Measured by population is those No. 198 with their 84525 inhabitants. Andorra has for centuries been a principality with two princes. The Bishop of Urgell and the French head of state, the two princes. From 1993 the country was declared a sovereign state by agreement with neighboring France and Spain. Until 1950 century the country was an isolated and poor country, but because of a low tax level experienced huge growth in recent years 50. Trade and tourism n are the major industries. With its location in the mountains is a popular winter resort, but a warm climate makes it popular even in summer.

It was much rising up against Andorra, and in Andorra via Port d'Envalira. Just across the border was a major commercial and tourist center with a lot of shops and hotels. Even on a Monday in November there was a buzz. The highest point on 2413 m. gave a wonderful view. It was 19-20 degrees and absolutely no wind, so it was okay to wear shorts. Not exactly Galdhøpiggen in November.

shopping Eldorado

Andorra is a shopping paradise for Frenchmen and Spaniards. The country has not moms and otherwise, prices are quite nice. Andorra is not part of the EU, and it is thus quotas on how much tobacco and alcohol you can bring. There is control on the border, with high chances of being stopped if you come with motorhome. However, only alcohol and tobacco they are concerned. And usually they do not have capacity except to peek into the trunk. Thus I arrived at Spain, and the story of my wintering where you get in the next edition.

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