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Text and photo: Inger and Bjorn Johansen
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5. October 2014

With campervan through the Baltics, part 1: Unforgettable journey

From NCT-hit in Finland to FICC-hit in Slawa in Poland goes shortest route through the Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It was an unforgettable journey to the President of NCC and his better half.

To travel through Eastern Europe stands for many as little horror mixed. The stories are many and long about misfortunes that can be experienced in these countries, but these can now eventually exposed as myths. For it was just fun and little drama on the trip from Finland to Poland went through the Baltics.

GPS challenge

The NCT meeting in Finland was a wonderful and memorable week, before we go to the next meeting under the auspices of FICC in Slawa in Poland. We were 5 units with car / caravan and motorhomes. It will be a challenge to keep up with each other through cities, towns and all. The GPS ladies do not always want the same path, as we have different GPSs. Nice to have some "living" ladies with you in the car then with the map in hand. On the way to Helsinki we pass a small town called Fiskars. As the name suggests, we have to go to a big great factory outlet there to "burn" the payment cards a bit. A larger market was there as well.

Book Caravan

We camped at Rastila Camping Helsinki. Had booked in advance, it turned out later to make sense when so many units are accompanied. There we also met last turdeltaker who arrived by ferry from Stockholm. Helsinki is also a great city. We were wandering around for hours, looking at several churches, going on a big market down by the waterfront with lots of nice clothes, vegetables and a variety of fruits. The Norwegian royal yacht lying down in the harbor. A great day in Helsinki.

to Tallin

The trip from Helsinki to Tallinn takes about 2,5 hours. No camping in Tallinn that can accommodate all of us, we had not ordered and strong winds on the sea. We go on from Tallin against Russian border and the border town of Narva. A terrible storm with heavy winds and rain we got on the road. Hotel Laagna offered accommodation with electricity, hot tub and pool indoors 13 Euro. Great camping with nice grass area, quietly and calmly. Border control is in the center of Narva with his usual long queue of cars.

Narva, a tired city

It was special to see the city. Some buildings were new and modern, but much was also old and worn. We walked around the streets and on the fortress, looked down on the river and over towards Russia where more people were fishing there. To get to Russia you need a visa, so we had to forget that. The food and drinks were incredibly cheap, so we stocked up. The restaurant menus were full-bodied, but usually there were only one or two dishes to be had. Back in Tallinn, we set foot through the old town with its narrow streets, alleys and nice buildings. Finally we ended up at the top of the fortress hill with a great view of the city. A staircase went all the way up to the top of the city gate. We had to go there, because there was an even better view. Old stone stairs, very steep, narrow and narrow, but we came up.

through Estonia

Next day we head towards Hapsalu, a small village where we find a market with a lot of clothes, shoes, fruits and vegetables. From there we divide ourselves into two groups who choose their own route to the seaside resort Pernu and City camp Pernu located right by the river. There we found also a long beach with big hotels. Many fine churches we had to stop to watch, others migrate straight to the center and look around from there. A great place just heat and sun had been with us. From there, the trip continues to Latvia.

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