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Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

When freedom calls: Aline Block on road trip

Adventurer, surfer and snowboarder Aline Bock replaces his home with a city car - When you first get the taste of free life a motorhome, it is not easy to travel in other ways.

The professional snowboarder Aline Bock, because of his sports, loves the mobile life that gives the opportunity to stay in the middle of nature. This article has been prepared as a press release by Sunlight GmbH, which manufactures and sells motorhomes and city cars. Sunlight GmbH is part of the Erwin Hymer Group.

In the midst of an exciting adventure

Since mid-July 2017, Aline Bock has traveled Europe for inspiration to all those who suffer from endangering and who have so far not realized their desire for freedom and adventure. She has already reached the goal of crossing Europe, and a detour to Morocco would also not miss the 35 year-old adventurer. Her city mobile Cliff has brought her to every corner of the world, and she is always on the lookout for the perfect wave for the surfboard, new sporting challenges or interesting acquaintances.

The contents moved to the city car

Aline is a member of Sunlight's factory team. Thus, she belongs to a group of adventurous sports people who drive a motorhome to competitions or sporting challenges and enjoy the freedom in full swing along the way. But staying in a motorhome for a long time is new to her. "Traveling is one of my greatest passions," she says. "And in June 2017 I packed up my apartment in Austrian Innsbruck and moved most of the contents to my Cliff. I just wanted to see and experience more of the world - while being completely free. However, it is not possible without good planning. is my own back office, that is, I often have to sit many hours in front of the computer to work, but what does it do when you can hear the moose grazing outside the office or hearing the ocean's whirlwind? "


First, the trip went to Bornholm. Aline immediately fell in love with the Danish island with the beautiful landscape, but waves were bad. In return, there were many bike paths to explore. When she camped on the edge of the forest at night, she heard the wolves howling around. "I didn't dare go out. As usual, my toilet was full that night, but I managed to get up in the morning," she says with a smile. Already at the start of the journey, friends had discouraged her from traveling alone to Morocco, but Aline Bock did not listen to the warnings and lived by the motto: Just do it! And the motto gave results, because the people of Morocco were both hospitable and helpful. - "I got a visit from a girlfriend in Morocco, and we got new exciting acquaintances. When there was no campsite nearby, we camped instead at a supervised holiday center. The guards looked after us and were so decent. We got extra blankets for the cold evenings and hot tea in the morning, they also provided us with useful surfing tips. "- Aline says

Open doors mean welcome

With her Cliff, Aline could travel away from the tourist's highway and experience the free life as a camping tourist. She could easily get through narrow passages and drove from one surfing site to another.

It is great to be able to open the back doors and look directly out to the sea or another beautiful landscape. If I also leave the side door open while cooking, I am in the middle of nature. To stay so close to the water that you can hear the wave rush, you usually have to stay at a five star resort - and it's not possible with my budget. - "Some people prefer to retire in the camper. I enjoy the openness and would like to welcome you with a cup of coffee. Without coffee, I couldn't finish this adventure," - she says with a glimpse of the eye. Therefore, there was also a crisis when she ran out of coffee in Portugal, but luckily her favorite burner could send her new supplies. Otherwise, probably the journey had ended there.

Stuck in the sand

The lack of coffee, however, was not the biggest challenge in Portugal because she got stuck in the sand with the camper. - "Fortunately I knew how to get away. I always have a spade with me, but I had to get some mats to put under the wheels. It works. Afterwards I always have mats with me, so now I'm prepared. "- Basically, Aline's attitude is that in an emergency you just have to quickly find out how things work. For example, she always has snow chains, but she still doesn't know how to mount them. - "I find out when I need it. When you learn that way, you will never forget it."

A man called Whopper

With her outgoing nature, Aline traveled from Denmark, Sweden and Norway via Scotland and the Hebrides on to France, Spain and Portugal, and ended up in Morocco. During the journey, she has tackled all challenges. Whether she does not find a campsite, or has to drive a detour of 100 km to get the right gas bottle or getting a stomach infection caused by polluted seawater, it is not Aline's style to give up. And she was not completely alone, because along the way she got to know many exciting people. "On the archipelago of the Hebrides, I met 'Whopper', a local man with a lot of good insider tips for surfing. However, I had to promise him not to share this insider knowledge, and at least not on social media," - says Aline with a smile . - "And in Morocco I talked for hours with a surfboarder about everything from religion to the country's attitude to women in a familiar atmosphere. You can learn so much if you adapt to the other person's culture." - It was easy for Aline to meet new human beings. "The motorhome itself attracts attention when you park somewhere and open the doors. I think it's great when other people strike up a conversation. The only thing to keep in mind is to respect each other's values." -

Postcards Idyll

The most beautiful nature experience had Aline in Ireland, where the weather was anything but stable. "It was a real storm with a lot of rain, and the local surfers were waiting for a certain surf on the weather." Aline, who usually likes insider tips, followed their own ideas this day. - "I drove down the deserted coast and actually ended up being the only one who had surfed that day. While I was all alone, a flock of dolphins swam in the bay and followed me a bit. I had never experienced anything like that Before that, it sounds amazing, but when a rainbow appeared, it was almost too good to be true. "- So much unexpected postcard romance surprised the natural man Aline Bock.

to Iceland

After a detour in the mountains in her home country, Aline is now on her way to Iceland, where she will work on a new film project that can be experienced at a number of film festivals this fall. How long she wants to continue her travels, and where she goes next, she hardly knows. Asked if she didn't get homesick at times, she replied totally relaxed: - "No, the first six months felt like three weeks" -

More information about Aline Bock's adventures can be found on her website and on her social media channels:, og

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