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Text and photo: Jørgen E. Snoen
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 3 June 2018

Dalsland Moose Ranch

Children and adults have the opportunity to get in close contact with the king of the forest and it is an experience that is remembered.

Elk farms are in several places in our neighboring Sweden. One of these is found right at the road 164 in Dals Ed. The Elgfarmen itself is located directly across the road from the Grøne Backe campsite. Dalsland Moose Ranch was launched in 2005, and it is the entrepreneur Conni Mossberg of the moose farm that still drives it. The elf farmer visited 9 moose during the visit of which two of the elgoks were 19 takers, 2 moose cows and three calves. These live as wild socialized animals in an 100 target, a large enclosure consisting of hilly woodland. During the visit, it was nearer times. This was clearly visible when the elgoks were about to lose the bast on the viruses.

Close Encounters

We had with the grandchildren on 8 years who would spend time with the elves. She and the other children were taken on both calves and adult animals. When you are not elgeger, this is a great way to get as close and experience these great giant animals in a safe and atmospheric way. Of course there was a chance to buy some suvernier as well.

Conni could announce that there are possibilities to book group visits with close contact with moose, and easy dining at the facility. The moose ranch has approx. 15.000 visitors, most in the summer.


Dals Ed is a nice village with most services close to the campsite. Grøne Backe is a popular campsite for both Swedes and Norwegians. Overall, the area is worth a visit all year long as the community here has a lot to offer locals and visiting guests.

Dalsland Moose Farm has the address: Høgankas 2, Dals Ed, Sweden. E-mail:, tel. + 46 (0) 72 1662915

Their website is:

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