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Text and photo: Olav Barhaugen
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 3, 2016 June

West Coast Horizontal: Jutland off the beaten track

It is dejlig being Norwegian in Denmark said in the advertisement. And easily accessible by ferries from several Norwegian cities is often Jutland with ports Hirtshals and Frederikshavn are Norwegians gateway to Denmark, says Olav Barhaugen in this series.

Many people choose to run E45 beeline south, but why not swing out to the west coast? Here is the beautiful scenery, lots of nice little towns and a relaxed atmosphere.

Lokken and Skagen in the north, and Billund with Legoland center is much visited. Otherwise, this part of Denmark often used as transport leg to get further south in Europe. But Jutland has so much more to offer, and one can well spend much of their vacation in this part of Denmark. There is much to do for both young and old. Here you can both find big city life and peaceful idyll. On flat and good roads are a joy to drive with camper or caravan. Biking is also an excellent means of transport if you want to get close to nature.

Experiences along the west coast

The west coast of Jutland is very idyllic with an almost continuous sandy beach of Skagen and down to Germany. A great area in good weather, but can also offer real sandstorms. It is these storms that have created a lot of area, where sand drift has created a new landscape and coastline is constantly changing. If you want a change from camping to a cycling between a few taverns or hotels be a straightforward solution. Several places have a partnership where you can run your luggage to the next stopover, so you just carry a small daypack. Comfortably without it costing shirt.

The hotel chain Small Danish Hotels reigns over more than 5000 rooms, and is one of the players who bet on this form of tourism. They are an association consisting of individually owned inns, hotels, castles and manor houses throughout Denmark. All are classified with at least 3 star Whore Stas classification. All hotels have their specialties, but high comfort and good food and drink is a recurrent theme. Otherwise there is a good selection of campsites and parking spaces for both motorhomes and wagon across Jutland.

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

One of the clearest examples of this is Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse located just north of Lokken. This lighthouse was erected in 1899, but because the sand built up around the lighthouse and made it less visible, it was decommissioned in 1968. Today, a lot of sand blown away, and the mother mass lighthouse stands on breeds slowly but surely into the ocean. Personnel The buildings next to the lighthouse is already gone, and the lighthouse will also steered into the ocean a few years. This has made that more and more tourists seek out the place, and last fall was initiated working to make the lighthouse more accessible to visitors. Once we were past the end of September was the boiler house lifted down, and the tower will be restored and re-interior staircase. Many will think this is a crazy action, after which the lighthouse probably have 5-7 years to live. The large influx of tourists made it is necessary to secure the area and when they chose to invest some money to make this an attraction that shows how the landscape is changing.

Klitgaard Camping

Just south of the lighthouse is Klitgaard Camping and holiday village. A cozy campsite situated somewhat sheltered from the sea behind a small hill. I spent one night there and got a good feel for the place. Now it should be mentioned that this was a bit out of season, and that therefore it was quiet, but it could be a quiet alternative to the more center close campgrounds in Lokken. A little further south is the town of Blokhus, where one can actually drive down to the beach. In summer there is a buzz here with people and cars. The sand is quite hard packed, so it is no problem to run even heavy vehicles on the inner part, but be careful you do not run far. Now in autumn there were many locals who apparently ran out into the lunch break and ate their food while watching the ocean. We felt transported to an old American film.

Klitmøller Denmark surf paradise, it is also called "Cold Hawaii". Here it forms large waves and wind also provides excellent conditions for kiters and windsurfers. If you enjoy such activities can Nystrup Camping over a kilometer south of the center is recommended. A sheltered place with good facilities. A trip outside Hanstholm can also be appropriate. You Are Here on the north-western corner of Denmark, and can gaze out over the ocean in a 270 degree panorama.

Sand Art in Søndervig

Further south we come to Søndervig. Which arranges the annual sand sculpture festival, where artists from around the world gather to build impressive sculptures in sand. An advanced form of what we were doing on the beach as a child, but the same principles. Sand stamped together in boxes stacked on each other, so it sets up shaping them in different patterns and shapes within a given theme. In 2015 was the theme prehistoric creatures, and we could see the dinosaurs, dragons and mammoths. When the sculptures are finished, they are sprayed with a mixture of glue and water so they remain over time. When fall comes, they go into solution and sand collected together and made ready for next summer's festival. It usually opens in May / June and stands till October.

It may also be worth making a stop at Lyngvig lighthouse, a few kilometers south of Søndervig. There is lighthouse keeper residence turned into a small museum cafe where you can get some refills of both history and food. If you take the 228 steps up the lighthouse are rewarded with a breathtaking view. The tower itself is 39 meters high, and the light height is 53 m. South of the lighthouse is Norre Lyngvig Camping, which also seemed to be a nice place. Hilly terrain with a sandy ridge protected from the sea and a beautiful beach below.

Hvide Sande

Ringkøbing fjord is the largest fjord in Jutland. Originally it was a sea bay, but then the sand came and made a dike along the coast that closed the fjord inside. Eventually, the dike was broken by storm surge that reopened the fjord, and today it is regulated with a lock located by the town of Hvide Sande, which is located approximately in the middle of the dike that runs along the coast. Hvide Sande is the base for a large fishing fleet, but also invests heavily in tourism. Several hotels and restaurants welcome their guests who have many offers. They can join a trip with fishing boats, swim in the fjord, or cycle on the paved bike paths on the beach. At Hvide sande you will also find a cable car where you can be dragged around on water skis and try your hand at several jumps that are built up out in the water. A popular activity for young energetic people.

Whether biking or water skiing or just strolling around town can taste some food. A meal with such Shellfish Symphony or Stjerneskud the restaurant Command Bridge is never wrong.

Ribe and black sun

A city you should definitely swing by on his way through Denmark, Ribe. This is Denmark's oldest town, founded around the year 704 - 710. A great city with many old restored house. Ribe Å winds its way through the town before it flows into the North Sea. Here you can stay in a nice landscaped parking for campers only a few hundred meters from the center. Well signposted space with toilets and opportunities to clear both wastewater and dotank. And best of all, it was free. An example for many cities. A morning walk through the streets while the city comes alive is recommending. So, one can buy bread at the local bakery, or lovely or its morgenmad for example the Old Raadhus confectioner

black sun

About driving in fall or spring can range from Ribe and slightly down in Germany to experience what is called Black Sun. When starlings move north or south are the to reside here on the coast for a while. Before retiring for the night, they form large formations in the sky, sometimes in flocks up to half a million birds. They can actually shade the sun, and thus got its name. To confuse birds of prey taking place this in different places, so you should have a good deal of luck to be able to experience this on your own. However, it is professionals who organize guided tours, which follows closely the bird movements over time so that they have great chance for it to be in the right place at the right time.

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