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Text and photo: Olav Barhaugen
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2018

The Rhine Falls

Most people like the Rhine as a quiet wide river with long ferry boats. But did you know that it also has Europe's largest waterfall?

The Rhine is the longest river in Western Europe where it winds 1230 km from the Swiss Alps and into the North Sea in the Netherlands. It flows through Lake Constance and forms a border between Switzerland and Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany and France. A few miles after the outlet from Lake Constance we find the most spectacular area of ​​the river.

Just off the city of Schaffenhausen lies the Rheinfall. 150 meter wide and 23 meter high and with a normal watering on 600 m3 a second it's an impressive sight. On the south side of the river there is a visitor center which provides you with both information and a great view of the waterfall. Schloss Laufen is located right on the waterfall and you can look down at the waterfall from the castle. You can also walk down to a bridge and cross the waterfall, or take the elevator down to observation slopes down the waterfall.

In the middle of the waterfall there is a single rock and you can come by boat. A little below the waterfall is a pier where long riverboats take you on a walk up the waterfall and drop off at the cliff if desired. Certainly a great experience, but we stood over this time.

There is ample parking space both at the castle and further up the highway, and nice bike paths along the river. Also on the north side of the city of Neuhausen there is large parking and an activity center with climbing park and a 460 meter long zip line where you get panoramic views of the falls and guaranteed a suction in the stomach. Definitely worth a stop on your journey through Europe.

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