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Text and photo: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 1. February 2015

"Riviera" at Sava: Eldorado in Belgrade

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is located in innlandet on the Pannonian plain which in prehistoric times was the seabed in the world's largest inland lake. Today, the plain is crossed by the rivers Sava and Danube, which meet precisely in Belgrade, in its time the main fortification in the Roman province of Pannonia. The coast of Yugoslavia belonged to what was then the sub-republic of Croatia, but Belgrade still acquired its own Riviera.

This is how easy it can be done: You take a branch of the river course in the delta for the river Sava, plug it with sand piers at both ends, run on tons of sand. This was done in 1967 and created the Sava Lake, commonly referred to as Ada. The artificial lake is 4,2 km. long, about 200 meters wide and the depth varies from 4 - 6 meters. In summer, the water temperature usually stays from 24 degrees and up. The graduates get access to a riviera and swimming opportunities in the middle innlandet which can make many places around the Adriatic and the Mediterranean green with envy. For many decades, Sava Jezero, as the place is called, has been the Belgrades' major excursion site during the summer months. On hot summer days, as many as 350.000 can visit the lake. Gradually, motorhome tourists from many countries have also flocked in increasing numbers.

Eldorado for sunbathing and swimming

Only 10 minutes and 20 minutes by bus from the center of Belgrade, is thus a seaside paradise, whose only difference is that the water is fresh without salt tastes. Both dams that closes the lake is equipped with pipes and pumps, and water flows additionally through a small pond before it enters the swimming lake.

Plenty of sand, on both sides, the bottom and above all at both ends of the pool provide good cleansing and keeps the water quality and is clearer than other locations.

Periodically along the almost 7 kilometer long sandy beaches, 3,5 kilometers on each side, there are lifeguards who makes sure that no one drowns. Especially walled beaches with small water depth is reserved for the smallest. Utleiesolsenger complete with umbrellas are just as along the "real" Riviera along the sea shore.

Phantastic and diving tower

Outdoor restaurants located relatively close to the transition between sand beach and the terrain above. On the one hand Towering a diving tower with variable heights for diving platform. Whichever discouraged inadequate.

On hot summer days the beaches are visited by thousands of people. Yet it is almost always space, they say with considerable experience. Over the last decade the entire facility upgraded and renovated and is as inviting and delicate. In the west end of the swimming facility is a large cable drawn water ski. It works so that water skiing athletes dragged around a path of a cable attached to a wire that passes over impeller on the master, not unlike the principle of the Norwegian ski lift. It appears to work by the book, considered from art pieces athletes do with water skis on their feet.


Along the entire facility on the south side goes one way, from which it is only going through the shade trees and down to the sandy beach. In the beginning there is a big parking in several heights. Periodically there are also parking along the beach road, called Obrenovacki Drum. Some take the chance and park along the road, but it can quickly become expensive since all cars with one wheel on the pavement in short towed. In southwestern end of the seaside resort, there are several large parking lots. These are free and allowed RV, both day and night.

How to get there

The main road, the highway to Belgrade from the west, exit first opportunity after the bridge over the Sava, head south and after a few kilometers dolls Sava Jezero up on the signs. For ordinary cars, there is a large parking area for several floors at the beginning of the plant. For campers there is free parking in the south-west end of the plant, as well as payment seats in some places along the beach road Obrenovacki Drum.


Well developed lifeguard service with equipment fitting that nobody drowns. Like other countries in the Balkans (Croatia, Bosnia) happens almost never anything stolen at the bathing beach.


Dinars, which 1000 is worth approximately 75 Norwegian kroner.

Traffic and parking regulations

Much like in Norway, with more radar controls on the roads than we are used to.

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