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Text and photo: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 1. February 2015

Grimm's World: A journey

From Bremen in the north to Hannay outside Frankfurt in the south, winds it way. Adventure in Germany undergoing 600 kilometers connects the villages, towns and places where the Brothers Grimm lived and worked for a couple of centuries ago when they collected fairy tales and legends that have become classics throughout Europe. Such as Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Most people have heard the story that allegedly took place this year 1284 the town of Hamelin which more or less was invaded by rats. The whole city desperate until a man who claimed he was the Pied Piper, offered his services. Pied Piper took out his whistle and played so that the rats followed him down to the river Weser, where all the rats drowned. But Piper did not paid as promised, and left town. A few days later he came back and played on his whistle. This time it was the city's children dancing followed him through the streets to a cave outside the city, where all the children disappeared.

If you walk the streets of Hamelin today is countless plaques with reliefs of a rat enshrined in the pavement on the road they went down the river Weser to 730 years ago.

adventure Collectors

Somehow Asbjørnsen and Moe in Norway, gathered the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm fairy tales and legends which survived colloquially. They literally "work" through Germany from Bremen in the north to Hanau in the south. In 1812-1815 came so works with tales out, and have been translated into numerous languages. In Norway gave the inspiration to Asbjørnsen and Moe, who collected Norwegian folk tales.

The German fairy tale collectors has received a huge memorial: The Adventure that since 1975 bringing together more than 60 cities, municipalities and districts that everyone participates in making the journey on the way to an adventurous experience for tourists from home and abroad.

Adventures in queue

Along the Adventure Road are aplenty. Villages like Hanau, Marburg, Göttingen and Hameln is itself architectural gems with architecture from the Middle Ages. A number of castles located along the road and helps magical atmosphere, for example Hämelenschenburg a small hop from the main road.

The respective fairytale characters have got their own "home ports". Little Red Riding Hood hear "home" in the Schwalm region. Sleeping Beauty who slept for a hundred years in the castle Sababurg. "Baron von Munchausen" in Bodenwerder, Max and Moritz in Ebergötzen and finally Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Along the way there are annual events for these fantasy figures, as in Bad Öyehhausen, Steinau and Bad Sooden-Allendorf, not to talk about the adventure festival in Hanau. How can a journey along the Adventure Road will also be a journey in Wonderland The World.

The time capsule Hameln

Hamelin is like a time capsule where medieval citizen would be able to nod in recognition to buildings and street construction. The streets are sculptures and statues of events and people, and you can see down, one discovers the rats remembered with relief on recessed plaques in street stones. Down towards the river Weser (who supplied the name Weserübung the invasion of Norway 9. 1940 April) is a large rat catching center with museums, dance halls, restaurants and cultural events. In the streets there open air theaters, puppet shows and special storytelling where today's youth in contemporary costumes depicting legendary fantasy figures. A visit in Hameln is therefore like going into a time capsule that produces a hundreds of years back in history.

beautiful landscape

The adventure road brings travelers through some of Germany's most beautiful landscapes, unlike the deafening hustle and bustle of the motorways. Here it is possible to experience culture and history, visit medieval towns with castles, fortresses, museums and art galleries, a mix of traditional village life, urban atmosphere and local folklore. And suddenly along the road, a ferry berth appears with a ferry taking one car at a time for the crossing to a new castle. But only when the crew has finished their lunch ... Time is the key word for traveling the Adventure Road, time to get excited about the fairy tale culture of the past put into today's modern framework.

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