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Text and photo: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 2, April 2016

Ski Resorts Bispingen: ski conditions in midsummer

Just over a half hour drive south of Hamburg stands a wondrous edifice just until the highway. The sign with Snowdome got us to take a little detour. To our great overraskele we found a complete ski slope with snow, ski lift and chair lifts, well built.

Mountain White plains bathed in sunshine is the ultimate Passover experience for genuine Norwegians indicating being born with skis on their feet. The majority of Northern Germany is flat almost like a pancake, and winter skiing is not that we from the far north would expect to find along the highway between Hamburg and Hanover. However, it was exactly the Snowdome proved: A complete indoor ski resorts with snow cannons, downhill skiing, ski lift and genuine chairlifts that could have been taken straight from Hemsedal. It all lined in a 23.000 square meters large hall which gives the whole 300 meters some slack downhill slopes for downhill skiing and snowboards.

All year round

Unlike Norwegian ski resorts that close when the snow disappears and only reopen when the snow cannons have laid their white blanket over rocks and roots once before Christmas, the ski resort in Bispingen is open all year round. A giant cooling system ensures freezing temperatures indoors while the temperature outdoors approaches the 30 line on the way up. We got a little tour inside the ski resort itself, and apart from the roof, the murals gave the illusion that here we were right in the Alps somewhere. Shit equipment? No problem, it could be rented on an hourly basis from well stocked stores outside the entrance. But a proper scarf would probably come in handy to offset some of the approx. 30 degrees which was the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature.

children Offer

With the offer "Children in the track" betting Snowdome to enable children of all ages and develop future skiers. In school year 2014-2015 could schools from nearby schools use the facility for free and also receive instruction in Alpine skiing many possibilities. Also teachers could get the same, it says little discreet in brochure material. And emphasizes that it is not only sporting achievements that count, but nutritional physiology is also important for children to compete in sports.

Families skiing

Surrounding the plant is built several hotels and accommodations. There, whole families come and stay, and access to the ski resort, which also has its own ski school. Absolutely free is not. A few hundred kroner. person pr. days have to be expected, in addition, ski rentals and equipment. But if one wants to make a stop and enjoy skiing pleasure in the middle of summer without accommodation, it is quite possible within around € 50 for one person for one day. Then both admission, skis and boots, and jacket etc. included. Restaurant visits in addition, but the deadlines with much German good food so it can quickly become some euro there too. Opening hours are Monday-Friday from 13.00 21 to, and Saturday-Sunday from 09.00 respectively 21.00 and 19.00.


Outside is also a large parking lot that could perfectly well serve as parking for caravans and motorhomes. Although we saw no signs, we would still recommend asking first and park afterwards, for German guard people are both gangske firm and somewhat inflexible in an official capacity.

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