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Text and photo: Magne Reigstad
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 4. September 2017

The sea grass grows in Germany's smallest city

For several years, Kristian Dittmann traveled around the world as adventurers to land and to water. Now he has anchored, become a family man and begins a new adventure in Germany's smallest town of Arnis.

Schleswig-Holstein has so much to offer in motor homes and caravans that we can quickly ignore Arnis. It's a mistake. The minibus spreads over modest 0,45 square kilometers and profiles that this is a place to breathe calmly and enjoy the measured moment on earth. There is nothing urgent in this city, which calls the Pearl of Schlei, the fjord that extends from the Baltic Sea and into Schleswig. Here is the beach and playgrounds and places to eat. The ferry back and forth over Schlei has been operating since 1826, the first few years driven by muscle power and later with motor the 200 meters across the fjord. Today you can also take the country road or cycle path to Germany's smallest. In this northern German cosiness, Kristian Dittmann has found both calm and new livelihood. He is a marine biologist and has taken the lead in expanding the field of use for something most people experience as a bit tacky.

Snoring less

Inexperienced chefs successfully use the irrigated seaweed in both sushi and salads, but the marine biologist leaves the kitchen. Kristian has a good margin coverage when he uses the proposed wording "sustainable production" about his pioneer project. He dries the green he catches at the edge of the beach and in the dried state it becomes brown, airy and fragile. The dried sea grass then puts him into solid pillows and quilts.

"Healthier pillow, you do not get to sleep," Kristian advertises and continues: "You snore and sweat less, and the pillows reduce the neck pain of those who struggle with such a thing," he claims, who has received feedback from customers who are both sleeping better and spending less medicine.

Become the livelihood

We are not good at the sustainability of the statements, but to do a try do not flee the holiday box for more than 40 euros, so not the whole world for investment if it is meant to dampen the noise in the bedroom. The entrepreneur feels so confident in the qualities of the product that he now chases more customers than the 300 souls of Arnis. That's why he travels around to massive fairs and sells online kiddies and baby mattresses over the net. "The goal is for this to be a good living, but we will not build a big business," he promises.

Captures the spirit of time

Kristian catches the spirit when he focuses on this resource. Do not be surprised if you meet the singer alone or in the company of good helpers pushing a heavy wheelbarrow along the Schleswig-Holstein beaches. The catch is loaded on board a barge-like catamaran, which of course is self-designed for purpose and built from recycled materials. "Someone may feel sorry for me where I stroll with the wheelbarrow. They ask why I do not get more modern tools. But I'm happy-advises the returned adventurer to rehabilitate a material that has been used by Vikings for the purpose, for insulation material in coastal homes and for soil improvers where the soil is too clay-rich. The dried product does not take fire, and that test leaves the posted worker of the magazine good for.

Old pillowcases

This product is both ecological and short-lived, and such sells in an environmentally conscious Germany. He wash the sea grass in fresh water and lets the wind and sun fix the drying. Nature's own raw materials store supplies him with ample amounts of sea grass. The pillowcases in which the dried and light grass is put into does not make any imbalances in Kristian's environmental accounts. "I get a lot from people here in Arnis, often old ladies who think it's both polite and reasonable what I'm building. This is also reuse. New pillows and duvets are made of thighs that would otherwise have been thrown, he explains that on their northern German beach trips there are also unbelievably many scraps.

Reasoned concern

Kristian charts a sad development in the years as a circumnavigator. The litter and all the plastic that floats around worries someone who is knowledgeable about life in the sea. In the house in Arnis, he has collected a frighteningly varied selection of what foolish people think the sea can digest. The busy marine biologist has settled down in a city where it smells of roses, salty sea and well-groomed everyday life. The harbor is filled to the last berth by sailboats and motor vessels of all sizes and price ranges. Most of the owners live in and around Hamburg and maintenance of this leisure armada is an important part of the business life of the city. The sea has always been important to Arnis and the idyll has undergone changing times. In 1860, the city passed 1000 inhabitants and as many as 88 ships had a home port here.

Arty tradition

In this part of the state there is a tradition of giving each other a ride, and through the generations you have come here and there without any apps. Take a seat on the waiting desk, tilt the sign with the current city and if something goes to your city, you will be offered a ride. But do not forget to greet your good helper: Moin, moin!

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