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Text and photo: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 6, 2015 December

Rainforest Land south of Berlin: Tropical Island open all year

By Staakow, around 60 km. south of Berlin is a structure that is 360 meter, 210 meters wide and 107 meters high. On a footprint of 66.000 m2 or 8 football fields, it created a tropical rain forest, water park with palm trees, waves and 26 degrees year round for up to 8000 simultaneous visitors. That too can avail the associated campground.

The Towering well and seem a long distance airship hangar at the abandoned airport in Staakow. Like so much else in Germany also this tropical fantasy land a historic past. In 1938 built Luftwaffe a large airport that would protect Berlin from air attacks. By war's end in 1945 acquired Soviet Union plants and built them further out to one of the Warsaw Pact's largest and most important air bases where the nuclear weapons were deployed. Something every guest at the large campsite, which today is established at some of the many hangars even contemplate in terms of Soviet nuclear weapons marking the hangar doors where bombers stood opptanket and ready for war effort only a few decades ago.

Today there is peace and tranquility that reigned, and the former taxeveiene and runways have been great for Caravans and mobile homes, and playgrounds for camping guest the children.

airship Hangar

After the Cold War, took over a transport company airport facility. They planned to spend enormous airships to transport goods between continents, and a huge, self-supporting hangar was built. The world's largest self-supporting building, as it claimed. Oh well, the transport company duly went bankrupt, but the hall that would accommodate the enormous cargo airships left standing. A few years later came a Malaysian consortium on the pitch, took over the entire facility and established a complete tropical landscape inside the big hangar.

Window walls of the hangar let through UV rays and thus can tan achieved throughout the year. It is a powerful landscape that opens within the portal. The facility is also open 24 hours and 365 days a year.


Around 50.000 tropical plants such as palms, banana trees, brødfrukttræar and rengskogbusker are sourced from Asia and South America, and creates a natural biotope without using chemicals. Some are a lot of exotic buildings, such as houses, temples and Buddha statues, where the originals are in Samoa, Bali, Thailand and Borneo. A huge sandy beach with wave machines extends almost along one long wall. On the other hand it is more common pools with stream flows where you can float along at a slow pace.

Around the sixth of the area is occupied by huge spa and fitness buildings where one can choose from exotic offerings as krystalldampbad in elephant temple or sauna Angkor Wat temple in the Cambodian jungle. Or steamy rainforest trails where speakers reproduce sounds that give the illusion of walking in the far southerly fauna and nature. We forgot solariums? They are also available in many designs and scope, so it is no wonder that stores the area has a wide range of protective sunscreens.

accommodation Option

Inside the cube, there are a number of different houses where guests can rent one or more rooms for accommodation. With jungle and rainforest soundscape background, where wild animals roaring in the bushes and birds chirping on many "language". If you want even closer contact with nature, it is also possible to rent tents which are located out in the countryside. The plant is said open around the clock. Shopping Centre is also part but prices here are probably not exactly the Rema 1000 level, so to speak.


Should there be too laborious to hike on jungle trails and along the sandy beaches, it is possible to sit on a hot air balloon hovering around 60 meters above the ground. The pulled around by going on the trails and footpaths, and covers virtually the entire area with a magnificent view. But it's Riviera with blue water and sun, both real and from various alpine suns, which undoubtedly attract most people. There you will find beach chairs and beach restaurants covering most needs you may have in connection with beach visits.


A visit here is not free, but will not crash the whole holiday budget. Accommodation costs from around € 100 pr. person pr. days and includes all hot deals. Day visit costs from € 36 and up to about € 50 sauna package. Children from 5 years 14 years come in for half price and those under 5 years free. Some additional offers come outside. Discounts are possible through family packages where until 3 children from 6-14 years running freely with 2 parents.

To say that the plant must be like the dream vacation destination, is unlikely to take too hard. For here the sun shines all the time, and rain and wind kept short and well outside the walls of the building itself.

great Campground

Outside the hall itself is a huge car park on the two previous flylandebanene that stretched 2,5 km. outwards, in addition to taxeveier and aircraft parking areas. In the west end, it established a great campground that has a reception in one of the abandoned hangars, or "splinter boxes" as they called in the industry. Not far away is a nuclear bunker for the storage of nuclear weapons in the early 1980 century, as evidenced by the Soviet nuclear weapons marks on the walls.

Campsite pitches located on the former concrete slab roads that are so characteristic of German military architecture. Every year visited the campsite of thousands visitors who also visit the water park. In short: An excellent stopover for travelers en route through Germany.

How to get there

Tropical Island in Staakow located a few kilometers east of the highway that runs from Berlin to Dresden, A 13. The enormous oblong dome can be seen at a few tens kilomters distance and motorway exit marked.

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