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Text and photo: Knut Noer jr.
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 3, 2014 June

At district medieval Bremen: Beads on a Schnoor

A man and a woman has been squeezed into a small hot tub, located on the square in Bremen's oldest district. The man sitting squeezed up against the edge of the tub, and scratches his mind while he considers the lush woman. By taking up most of the space, she found a more comfortable position.

On Low German or plat-German was the medieval public bathhouse in Germany called "pole" and considered quite obscene because men and women bathroom interchangeably. In the Hanseatic city of Bremen became the first public baths landscaped area adjacent to the port, and the first was erected just at the small square where Jürgen Cominotto sculpture "Die FRÖLICH Badenden» today reminds us of what once was.

The same name of Bremen's oldest street, Spell Damm. The manager of the port canal and river Weser up to the square with swimming sculpture. Here we also find the end of the cross street that eventually lent its name to the entire district - Schnoor. The name is well chosen, too tight like pearls on a string leans old small houses against each other, on both sides of the meandering street. Small beads of architecture and city history, pushed together along a street that for a first time visitor can be hard enough to break away from, and impossible not to return to.

Many of the small houses were originally homes for fishermen, sailors and artisans. But the narrow facades was as much a result of tax planning which of necessity. Because property taxes were calculated on the basis of house facades width toward the street, the result was given.

Shop - or museum?

About buildings along Schnoor itself can tempt anyone and everyone to a step backwards in history, it is still what they today contains that makes the strongest impression. Here there are neither fast-food restaurants or chain stores that rule the roost, but an amazing collection of small specialty shops of the most varied kinds. Some so special that you are going to doubt whether it really is a store you have entered - or perhaps a museum? As Das kleine Spielzeug Museum in Schnoor 24, with a fascinating private collection of old toys on the floor above the shop premises.

And in Atelier GAG In No. 31, sculptor Fritz König's often mood-filled cardboard models range from stately patriarchs and ships of many kinds to penguins, fabulous animals and in love couples who fill both the shelves in the small room and the showcases. Some of the models get life if you turn a small crank attached to a base with the "machinery" - a single camshaft in wood combined with sensible gear profiles made of the same folder as the figures.  

Turn the crank, and the amorous pair lower their heads and faces faces mother apart before their lips meet in a kiss. But not everything is mechanized, and house models are available as kits where even cut out the individual elements from paperboard sheet, and then paste it all together. An exciting activity as opposed to the current computer games gather the whole family.

Three - and glance

Folk woodcraft from the Erzgebirge, mountainous area on the border between German Saxony and Czech Bohemia, is the specialty at Erzgebirgische Volkskunst in Schnoor 25, with particular appeal to sea and boaters. For here is the emphasis on the maritime, with everything from ship models, captains, mates and sailors to gulls and other seabirds.

Should it rather be anywhere in sight, is Schnoor Oase in side alley Wustestatte place, with nostalgic pull-up toys, cake tins and old advertising signs. While the paint shiny tin cars that is on offer at Lilliput im Schnoor in paragraph. 11 is prepared with a twinkle in her eye, filled as they are with cheerfully caricatured passengers.

Are you tired of the old garden pot, the garden pots shaped like elephants, cats, dogs, pigs and penguins among cunning specialties Schnoor Lädchen with address Am Landherrnamt 3. The store is also known as a mecca for Bremen-produced sweets of many kinds - and Weserwasser energy drink.

And in the same narrow side alley Spiekerbartstrasse we find in paragraph. 1-2 the imaginative and highly colorful hand-painted animals to artists Sabine Reichelt and Silk Bölts. To be equally suitable as decorations in the garden as indoors are those made of weather-resistant, fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Artist Colony

In Schnoor also numerous visual artists put down their studios and outlets, here are painters, sculptors and potters and work in porcelain, stone and wrought iron, while Galerie Wilde Weiss in Schnoor 5-7 offers exciting exhibitions

There is also no shortage of little cafes and eateries in Schnoor. They also open into the evening after all the shops are closed, and with surprises here, too. As Katzen Café in paragraph. 38, as the German-sounding name despite neither cafe or cats, but is a popular French restaurant with dining map Toulouse Lautrec design and with French pressure on the walls. While the menu albeit also holds German and Asian-inspired dishes as well as French classics.

Renowned for its tasty home brew is Kleiner Olymp in Hinter der Holzpforte 20. Schnoor Braü is a dark but still quite light pilsener variant with a lot of spices and character, well adapted to the North German cuisine that dominates the menu.

Otherwise, means the absence of chain stores in any way that there is no shortage of fashion and clothing shops in Schnoor. While sports and winter clothes in the Scandinavian style is the specialty in Hanse Wind in paragraph. 16, it's even warmer garments that catches the eye in Alpaca in Schnoor 20-21. Here is the colorful cardigans in alpaca wool from Ollipac in Peru that can tempt anyone and everyone.

Powerful painted Christmas spirit

More surprises waiting in store as the year selling Christmas ornaments in Marterburg, cross the street at the end of the Schnoor. Certainly you will find in the year-round Christmas store Weihnachts Träume in paragraph. 45 Christmas it may be tempting to take home. But here are also things you simply are not prepared, as the aged and powerful made-up lady who in full julemundur sitting on the counter - a living doll in full size. While the rear wall of the venue, as effective contrast to a collection of artificial Christmas trees, is a most authentic part of the old city walls.

I Galeria Afro-Asiatica Curiositäten in Marterburg 29 there is a voluminous collection of sculptures and religious objects from Tibet, Nepal, Burma, India, China and Thailand presented, along with colorful bedbugs and other art from Africa.

A Taste of Bangkok

But who could well suspect that the small house in the timber a little farther down the street, on the corner of Marterbrg and Hinter der Balge, is the place for genuine Thai massage? Go Asia Massagen has traditional Wat Po Temple Massage in the program, as well as back massage, herbs and honey massage, reflexology and salt scrub.

Charming is metal sign on the door with information about opening hours: "We are mostly present from 9 or 10. Sometimes as early 8, but many times, first from kl. 11. We go about 18 or at. 19, but many times already at. 17. Many days or afternoons are we here whatsoever. However, in recent times has been here constantly. Monday to Saturday. 10 - 19. And anyway happy when they choose. "

Maybe well that also mobile number to make an appointment stated.

Camping in Bremen

Are you on the way further south west of Hamburg may taste good with a stop in Bremen, and with their 153 spacious shooting stations around 100 sqm, is Camping am Stadtwaldsee ( a suitable base during your stay. It is located in a pleasant forest area just northeast of the city center, directly connected to Bremen's large city park Bürgerpark.

Follow A1 or A7 against Bremen, selected with the beltway "Bremer Kreuz" as a starting point A27 further in the direction of Bremerhaven. Then take the exit 19 "Bremen - Universität" and follow signs "Campingplatz". The five space has its own grassy slope for tents and rental of tents with room for four for guests arriving without other camping equipment than their own sleeping bags. Here are otherwise restaurant with regional specialties and overlooking the lake which the campsite is named after from the outdoor terrace, a smaller shop, and wireless internet, To the public beaches on the lake there are just under five minutes to go.

For mobile home owners yearn arriving outside opening hours offered a special "mobile home port" with a coin slot for connecting electricity and payment of personal tax (in high season 7,50 euros. Adult and 5,50 euros. Children, from kl. 17.00 until. 12.00 the following day). With ACSI card ordered from NCC achieved reduced nightly rates outside high season.


"The bathrooms in Germany in the Middle Ages considered quite obscene"

"Tight as a string of pearls leaning old small houses against each other"

"Turn the crank, and the amorous pair lower their heads"

"More surprises waiting in store as the year selling Christmas decorations»

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