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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5, 2014 October

On the Riviera: Monaco - the city-state for the richest

Furthest east of the French Riviera, we find the city-state of Monaco. The world's second smallest country in less than two square kilometers, only the Vatican state is smaller. With just over 30.000 inhabitants it is cramped for space, and even tighter in the summer when thousands of tourists daily flows. Motorhome and Caravan magazine was one of them - as a Norwegian forest cat among quotation lines.

Monaco is a principality with a prince who can lead their generation back to 1200 century. On paper Monaco a constitutional monarchy with a council on 15 members and a National Council. In practice appoints prince a Frenchman as prime minister, and this fetches another three cabinet members. What people want, it is rarely asked. Not that it is so important either, because Monaco is known as one of the real lavskatteparadiser for those who have accumulated wealth in this world and do not want to share too much of this wealth with others. And then it's just as well not to mix too much politics into monetary scrolling. France surrounds Monaco on all sides, and takes care mostly of mostly city-state needs of foreign policy and military-political security.

Viewing wealth

In Monaco it most what has of worldly goods and gold. Here comes even one supermarket Hagen short. For it is not enough to have money in abundance. In Monaco, one must also prove that you have them, either in the form of yachts, one more lavishly equipped than the other, or that one takes on some of the world's most expensive hotels and rent a floor or two depending. These are convenient enough within walking distance of the casino. Not because they conditioned need to go by foot, but it gives some status with a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, or a crimson Ferrari that runs the small number of the meters and then parked outside the main entrance to the casino in town Monte Carlo. And in Monaco is the monetary status that matters most.

Casino with big C

Now there are many cities that have casinos. On the French Riviera are actually quite close. But for the most prosperous aristocracy in the world, there is only one casino with big C that apply: What is located in the Monte Carlo farthest southeast of Monaco. In fact no big and showy building, although there are some gilding in fasadeutsmykningen here and there. But quite obviously a must-place where arrivals are screened by the thickness of the pocket book's credit card. For one should go at the Casino in Monte Carlo, one should preferably afford to lose a few million on an evening. The stories are many and tells of the fortunes, cars, boats and even spouses who have changed owners in line with cards or dice at the many game tables inside.

Not for ordinary people

Normally it is not only to execute arbitrary forward to the main entrance, if you believe the signs. There will be probably executed. A couple of dark-clad men with huge Gunneras behind grimy panes in a dark van der driveway road turns off from the main street, supplied the watchful gaze the presumptuous as taking the liberty to drive right up to the main entrance. What we could not resist the temptation to do. But stop for us mere mortals, it was obvious "am strand stone verboten, erschossen wird und zu weiter" it seemed like from the crank of a large and rigorous guys with Mickey Mouse morning dress. For those diminish parking lots around the entrance was enough reserved entirely different income classes than we could boast, so then so.

Well, we let the slot for one of the fatter Porsche Carreraer sold, and drove into the center again. From there another way up to the casino, and it had to attempt. And boy, the taxi parking lot stood another Mercedes, so we let nicely behind it and went out to take some pictures and greet. Some further ambitions feat at roulette tables handed we imagination putting up with, which undoubtedly was wiser. But pretty pictures of the casino on the outside, it got, though without meeting some dignitaries.

More than casino

Monaco is more than the casino with big C. In the harbor is a large number of yachts belonging to them that matters most in the international monetary hierarchy. They are big and they are small, with and without helipad, and with an aerial forest and radardomer that would put even an average Norwegian frigate green with envy. Whether they also have missiles and Phoenix to self-defense is not known, but who manages to feilnavigere with so much electronic duppediter board, is obviously fell on the wrong shelf life. At the head of the harbor is the way a number of relatively huge yachts with various international flags. For some reason see Australia to be well represented in the international monetary jet set. Evil tongues will have it that several of the largest yachts at the head of the harbor in Monaco do not have motor, for they are never intended to sail anywhere. They lie there with exorbitant port charges only for the owner to be able to demonstrate their wealth and prosperity for all the world and reap recognition from their peers, which also demonstrates their wealth and prosperity in a similar manner.

Exhibiting the collected sweat from the many workers who have created wealth, as Einar Gerhardsen would have said it. In this part of town there are surprisingly few restrictions on what you can do, so we took as good a hop right out on the pier where some of the liquid OBOS blocks moored, and felt for a moment like a proper Norwegian Forest Cat among all inverted lines. Otherwise, it was fine with parking for an hour or two, and they were not particularly expensive either. Traffic was actually far more civilized than what we found in many French cities, although the exit from the city via the new tunnel westwards was somewhat cumbersome.

Rally Monte Carlo

Monaco is also known for motor sports, namely Monte Carlo Grand Prix, which takes place along the waterfront and through sharp turns and narrow streets in the immediate perimeter. On the slope on the west side of the harbor site we find a statue of Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio and his Mercedes race car that he won a number of international triumphs in the Grand Prix circus on 1950 century, although he also much drove Italian Maserati. Bilsport World still discussing whether Fangio was the best racing driver the world has ever seen.

Palaces hillside

Up the hill on the southeast side, ie district Monte Carlo, there are palaces beautifully and bathed in the evening sun. Closer to downtown, takes an intense construction activity, and Monaco has gained a skyline that is a really big city worthy. In the areas around the harbor site is the business. Noninterest rarely closed business category Louis Vuitton brand enters certain wealthy customers visiting. And that we can guarantee: The price level in these transactions do not correspond with Norwegian salary scale salary, but it's still fun to take a look to the warden anything frowning observation.

Monaco is well worth a visit and is a natural conclusion to the French Riviera. Although there are no beaches and the sunshine hours which has the highest priority among city-state residents.

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