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Text and photo: Olav Barhaugen
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 2, April 2016

Travelling in motorhome: Finally in Spain

A new chapter is written about my life in RV. After six weeks crisscrossing through Europe arrived I finally Spain. Now I would downshift and take it easy for a while.

As mentioned in the previous article I ran across Andorra into Spain to a city called Seu d'Urgell. A cozy city with motorhome parking centrally in the old town. After a walk in the city and a better meal I went to bed with a good feeling of having reached a new goal of the trip. Or goal was not achieved just yet, because I was supposed towards the coast, so when the sun rose I put in my way west. Kept me on the back roads on the south side of the Pyrenees is heading for a campsite I had booked space. This was the first time I had pre-booked space. The reason was that I had booked my mobile broadband from Flexner and had to receive a SIM card. Since it was out of season there were only Camping Les Medes who so sought out along the Costa Brava coast. It proved to be a good choice. Nice place with good facilities and a favorable price. It was only a scanty kilometer down the beach and the small town of Els Griells, which mostly consisted of empty apartments. But a few kilometers across the beach lay a larger city, L'Estartit with shops and restaurants. I was lying there in a week and a half, with a little weekend trip to Barcelona.


I've used bobilappen on the phone to find motorhome parking facilities and campsites along the way. Unfortunately it turns out that the further south in Europe I get the more mistakes shows it. This was the case in Barcelona. After running wasted journeys to two pitches I received tips about a place up near the Olympic Stadium. Relatively expensive, 30 Euro but guarded 24 hours. The nicest was that it was very pleasant. There were a few hundred meters away to the Museo Nacional de Arte de Cataluña, and from there it went down the escalator toward Plaza Espana.

further south

Costa Brava is a great area, but should have some heat in the winter must be further south. After ten days at Les Medes I headed south with the first stop in Valencia. Also there led bobilappen me to a nonexistent motorhome parking. Therefore, it was an overnight stay on a tired Caravan south of the city. The next morning we headed on to a camp I had been tipped off about. I posted a request on a facebook page for motorhome nation where Norwegians in Spain lived. I then got a tip about Camping La Colina in Albir, a place I had also heard from someone I met earlier this summer. It sounded nice out and I decided to try. The staff was very helpful and helped me make a transition so I got connected to the wastewater drain the place and showed me around the sanitary and other facilities. Later in the evening the guard back with a bottle of wine and a bottle of water, it was a welcome gift. Very surprising and nice.

Camping La Colina

Camping La Colina is a relatively new place, and this is the fourth season it is open. A relatively small space with 90 pitches. Ca 30 Norwegian units, 40 Dutch / Belgian and the rest of Swedish, German and British. Many of them had moved here when the place was opened in 2012. It was nice to meet Norwegians again. I had in fact not seen a single Norwegian camper or caravan on the entire trip before I came here. But I felt quickly "at home" here and has writing been here for three months. Becomes yet another month before I go further, and will certainly return next winter.

Social and pleasant

It's very sociable here in the square, at the same time it is not obtrusive so as to have a private life. In the afternoon we play Boccia a few hours, and there is often someone to go out and have dinner with. It is just a few hundred meters to the center with shops and restaurants. To the beach it is a few kilometers. From there it is a nice way with bicycle lanes to the neighboring town of Altea. Local road to Benidorm runs right past the campsite and there is a fifteen-minute bike ride. Benidorm is a relatively large city with a rich variety of shops and restaurants. There are also several large campsites with many Norwegians. For my part, it becomes too large, so I thrive here in Albir. Here it is peaceful and well without noisy elements in Benidorm. There are also quite many Scandinavians staying stuck here all or part of the year. The average age is high so nightlife is non-existent, but it's okay for me. Some people claim I'm getting old.

Time flies

I had not seen for myself that I should have patience to lie still in the same place for so long. Since I started on this journey, I have rarely been more than a few days at the same location. Now I had obviously needs a little relaxation, for I struck me quickly to rest here. Many of my friends wonder the what the heck I'm doing to make the time to go, but it's no problem. Normal daily routine is to get up and eat some while I check mail and online newspapers. In 8-time is the time for a walk, and after a shower becomes a little more work. One hit always someone sitting there with a cup of coffee, or I saunter down to the city alone or with someone. In winter we have had a great weather, actually the warmest winter in over 60 years, so it's nice to be out even in the evenings.

good hiking

There are hiking trails around here, with the Natural Park of Sierra Gelada right behind the campsite. Almost every morning I walk out to the lighthouse outside Albir. It's a nice walk, about 2,5 km each way from the parking lot. There we bike or drive cars. We are also a few trips up to a radio tower on the mountain behind us. This is a hard hike with steep slopes, but from the top of 469 m. will be rewarded with a breathtaking view. I also rented a car for a period and got the extended horizon. There are nice mountain areas within here, and plenty of cozy villages where you can stroll around the streets and enjoy an inexpensive and tasty local lunch. In February it also begins to approach our Costa Blanca, which first appears with almond trees that bloom in white, pink and red.

Tempted to return

As you see I have the yolk of the egg here in Spain. I have made many new friends in the motorhome community and received many useful tips. I also made me much useful experience that will come in handy in the future. The plan is now to return to Norway about 1. May and then continue on my journey around the kingdom. Perhaps it will be a trip to northern Norway into the summer. When autumn arrives we head again against Spain if nothing unexpected happens. If you want to read more about my wintering in Spain you can check out my blog at

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