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Text and photo: Jørgen E. Snoen
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2018

Norrlands pearl: Vindelelven in northern Sweden in northern Sweden

In summer 2017 we visited Swedish friends at Vindelns Camping, which is very scenic to the banks of the Vindel River, about 60 km north of Umeå. There is the river dominating, and you can hear the swarm from Sweden's longest unspoiled river.

The campsite itself has a mix of guests like us who come on short visits and seasonal campers. The reception is located in the hotel which is part of the campsite. Here it is as usual in a hotel the option of accommodation or just enjoying a nice meal. On the campsite itself is a large flat of nice camping sites that are easy to drive into. Most of the sites have water and gray water drain at the power pole. During the visit there was nice grass cover on the plots. There are some trees in the area that can give shade and as a whine of wind. 

Well maintained

There are nice sanitary facilities that appeared clean and well maintained. Kitchen should have a campground where you can cook and take the dishes. Here Vindelns Camping has made two kitchens with partly open solution between and fine dining areas. What was special about the solution is that it was made with a strong prominent home feeling. You felt like you were in a home like yourself. A big rose to those who have drawn and built in such a good feeling. There are great hiking trails that go directly from the campground, several of which are suitable for wheelchair users and driving with a stroller.

grain Mill

In connection with the area there is an old water-powered grain mill with the actual mill's intake. Here there are now lively sales exhibitions by artists and craftsmen. "The society" The wind can be compared to a large Norwegian village. It is therefore much larger than what is called "city" in Sweden, which can only consist of a few residential houses. The community is the administration center of the municipality of Vindeln. In the village, which is within walking distance of the campsite, you will find most of the places you need to stay here for a long time.

Vindeln is not only a summer place, but is a place with four prominent seasons. It appears good with special signs in the streets.


We visited a smokeri in the center of Vindeln where we found smoked foods like smoked ham, smoked Västerbotten cheese, took nam! There was also a piece of smoked reindeer meat that unfortunately has already been consumed. Hunters and others from the area can supply goods for smoking here. Vindelelven is closer to 500 kilometers long from the start until it runs alongside Ume River in Vännes a few miles within the city of Umeå. Umeå is on a Swedish scale a place of urban rights. Again, comparing to a Norwegian city with city status.

power struggles

As the river is unregulated, the water level will vary quite a bit depending on snow melting and precipitation. At the visit, the river had a normal water level which was impressive enough with its violent waterfall past the campsite. The campsite is so high that there is no danger of flooding here. Over the years there have been strong fighting powers to keep this long beautiful river untouched. The water is crystal clear all the way, and has a very species-rich stock of fish, and an associated rich wildlife on land. This is definitely a recommended campground, and it is just a mile away from E12.

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