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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2018

NBCC members on a long trip: Croatia expedition 2017

In class and following they went. 8 caravans and a camper from far west in Norway to the joy of the Adriatic at one of the most beautiful campsites in Croatia. It became a family experience for large and small participants, telling the entire gang BoCM met at Camping Lanterna in Croatia.

"Croatia expedition 2017" they called and what was more natural than calling up a part of the "Little Norway" campsite with a sidelight to the Norwegian flight training in Toronto, Canada, under 2. World War II? Camping Lanterna is not any campsite, but of the very best in Istria, the northern peninsula of Croatia and bordering on Slovenia in the north. . «Camping Lanterna has guests from most of Europe, part of Leading Camping Europe, and has received German ADAC / ANWB award for Best Campsite for the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. 10.000 guests can fit together, yet it was not easy to accommodate us all, "says Kjell Apeland, one of the initiators of the" expedition ".

Family tour

It is a proper family trip the caravanists from Haugesund have made up for. It's great to travel by car because it allows you to use the car to explore exploration, there were several that highlighted BoCM. And the kids are with. The youngest had just come to school age, and elders were out of secondary school. At the campsite there are many activities for children and young people, in addition to lying on the beach and licking the sun. "Sometimes we eat together around a long table, sometimes every family goes wherever they want," says Kjell Apeland, and reveals that it is not the first trip they have taken to Croatia. Ever since 2010 they have traveled to the Adriatic coast. New of the year is that they made a Facebook group as they called "Croatia expedition" and it caught. Suddenly there was a whole bunch of scammers about committing the highways through Europe.

Old known

Kjell Apeland says that they have gradually become more "old" celebrities who go on trips together: "The Hagenes family is from Sotra and we got to know them in 2012, in Bi Village in Croatia. The Nornes family is from Sveio and traveled for the first time with a newly purchased carriage. The Instanes family is from Haugesund and has traveled for several years, is also my work colleague. We, the Apeland family are from Sveio and have traveled south of the Alps every year since 2010. And we hope for even more next year ", says an enthusiastic Kjell Apeland

Croatia reasonable

But why have a trip to Croatia? - - "Croatia is a reasonable country to travel to and be", says Kjell, and adds that they saw the post in BoCM about Camping Lanterna and wanted to go there. «The place is quite decent, has all the offers, and a bit hilly terrain with trees that provide shade and have a short way to the sea. The price is also not dissuasive, around 600 kroner a day for the whole family, which is half the price compared to, for example, Italy ». The participants point out that camping in Croatia is often both calm and peaceful, here there are families and then there is less noise. Rune Nornes is on his first trip to Croatia, and states that this is top camping life. Here it is sun and summer, versatile camping, and three weeks go by without anyone getting bored.


The trip from Haugesund to Istria took almost 4 days including ferry and three nights along the way. They had the first in Norway, the next between Hamburg and Hanover, the last near Munich. Then they went all the way. Kjell Apeland says it's smart to travel on the weekends, because then there is a trailer ban (!) On German motorways. "Thus, with a caravan, we have about the right lane for ourselves" - says Kjell, who stated that most had gone without problems and with relatively easy-flowing traffic. The carriages did not drive in a column, but had agreed in advance on where to spend the night.

Get known

The families that went quickly became well known. Even those who were brand new on a long trip found themselves fast. For the kids, camping holidays are pure experience, they get fast new and many friends. In the sea by the beaches there are large inflatable play slots. In several places there are swimming pools on land and associated adventure centers. The garden environments are completely car-free, the layouts have mostly water and electrical power. "But it's a good idea to get up early with the order to get good places," says Kjell Apeland.

«Little Norway»

By the way, it was not difficult to find the Norwegian part of the camp. Flags, pennants and a small sign that proclaimed that "Little Norway" was not to be mistaken. The name choice was historical and taken from Toronto, Canada, where Norwegian pilots got their education under 2. World War. It was called "Little Norway" and Norwegian-colored aircraft were frequent guests low over the rooftops of Toronto the three years the camp was in operation. The Norwegian caravans do not do much, and the NBCC crew from Haugesund was not the only Norwegian at Camping Lanterna. We found more campers with Norwegian brands, so the place is probably a popular holiday destination for frozen northerners.

Camping Lanterna

The campsite is one of many owned and operated by the company Adriatic by Valamar. A large aquapark was expanded and received hot water in 2017. At the same time, a brand new shopping center was built with more air and better buildings. There was also a private square built with outdoor venues and meeting places in addition to the shopping centers. For 2018, it is further expanded with playgrounds and water attractions. In addition, there are expanded opportunities for cycling and outdoor training, "says Nives Matic, market manager at Camping Adriatic by Valamar.

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