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Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 1. February 2014

Lively days in Tandådalen

Both inside the actual meeting place and the district around it is a comprehensive program that meets participants of the upcoming summer's Nordic Camping Results in Tandådalen in Sälen, a few mil from the Norwegian border and Hedmark.

As previously reported, it all takes place in the second week of July, from Sunday the 6th to Saturday the 12th, and tradition believes that music and dance lovers will also have their say. The Skuffrockers serve a mix of country and traditional Swedish pop, PopNix is ​​also keen to make it tingle in the dance floor, while the troubadours Dvid & Hella create a pub atmosphere.

infectious folk

Great interest linking it to the four men and a woman strong Irish-themed Orebro group The Tullamore Brothers, which last year celebrated 25 anniversary with its energisprudlende mix of ballads, pubsongs ", jigs, reels and Irish polka. The group has previously toured in Ireland, was specially invited Sean Nós Dance Festival in Rathcormack, and released his latest CD "Still Going Wrong" in the past year. Two of the days there will be separate market square in meeting place, and while it gets real opportunity to improve their own abilities in caramba - Skill drive by car and caravan - on Wednesday, are the Nordic Championships in caramba place the following day.

attractive destination

While the large ski resorts in the Swedish Sälen mountains are well known on this side of Kjølen, not everyone is aware that the area is also a very attractive destination in summer. It is not without reason that the event's organizer Caravan Club of Sweden ( has its first and largest campsite right here. Tandådalen Camping will be a meeting place during the hectic week of July, with a solemn march in and an official opening ceremony on Monday. And although much and much will take place on the square itself, including the popular "neighborhood slang tables" every night from kl. 18.00:19.00 to 3, a number of bus excursions are arranged with tastings of what can be experienced in the area, with appeal to both young and old. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, there will be three daily departures to the nearby experience center Experium (, with bowling, XNUMXD cinema, spa facilities, fitness department restaurants and one of the Nordic region's busiest indoor water parks. Here is an adventure pool with water slides, and the opportunity to test the balance ability on the waves in Sweden's first wave surfing machine Flowrider. Here is also a separate surfing school, which like Sälen's popular ski school is led by experienced instructors.

Bamse visit

Tuesday is invited in addition to a full day trip to Orsa Björnpark ( in Grönklitt. With its 277 targets, it is Europe's largest bear park and contains, in addition to brown bears, also subspecies such as kodiak bear and grizzly bear. Here is also Sweden's only polar bear, in what is claimed to be the world's largest polar bear facility. In addition to polar bears, the park also contains other endangered species, such as Siberian tiger, snow leopard and Persian leopard, along with Scandinavian acquaintances such as wolves, wolverines and hubro, all in a natural wilderness environment. A full day trip is also arranged to Sweden's own Santa country, Tomteland (Santaworld) in Mora, Dalarna (, a wonderland with appeal to children of all ages. Spread over a landscape of 110 meters with forests, small mountains and lakes, it abounds with goblins and trolls. Here, visitors can follow the elves on troll adventures in the forest, go to troll school, learn tricks in the witch's school, cool off with a dip in Lake Aurora, visit Santa's workshop, watch children's theater, or visit enclosures with the trolls' animals.

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