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Text and photo: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 1, February 2016

Krk in Croatia: Golden camp Ingøya

Furthest north on Croatian coast, just south of the port city of Rijeka, we find the island of Krk. Linked to the mainland by a high and airy bridge, constitutes the island one of several ferieeldoradoer in Croatia. We stopped at Krk Camping run by Camping Adriatic city Laguna and got an experience of luxury camping that just sun, beaches and dusgrønt adriaterhavsvann can provide.

Krk is the largest of all 1100 islands in Croatia, and has a wealth of nature that has given the island the nickname "the golden island". In the main town of the same name as the island's rich architectural treasures which runs several millennia. The city of Krk is one of the oldest bydannelser in Croatia, and has historically had a number of rulers who all tried to make his mark in the buildings, monuments and churches. Around town goes a solid walled dominated by the castle from the 14. century. Street theater, classical concerts and contemporary music collections echo the marketplaces.

luxury Camping

Krk Camping is completely renovated in recent years. Guests are welcomed by a modern service building with a concierge and a variety of activities. Not far from the beaches are cycle routes, rideturtilbud and many great spaserturmuligheter hills reaching up to around six hundred meters, and where different types of livestock grazing as they have done for millennia. In slopes lies the olive groves and vindruegårder as a contrast to the modern tourist hotels and campsites. But the place itself is a camping wise-pearl with swimming opportunities both directly into the sea or in one of several aquatic center built up in recent years.

international recognition

German ADAC / ANWB named by the way the place of "Best Campsite 2015" and space is also named the Leading Camping Europe, which promises the voted one of the best. The space itself was originally built in 1985 and was until 2012 one naturistcampingplass. After extensive renovations, it 290 pitches for caravans and motorhomes and 86-called "mobile homes" that is commonly known as villa units. We also find tent places for those increasing numbers who return to the original camping. If we saw that there are both dog toilet, dog swimming area and a private dog washroom, so telling it that the current owners of the campsite aims to make vacation life of a great guest experience.


The children have got their own swimming pool and playroom. It all discreetly monitored by security officials to ensure that children have good and prevent unauthorized concede. Along the seaside there are built stone bathing areas and sunbathing area. Upward slope from the sea stands motorhomes and caravans arranged in easy mixing. Outside the sun shade, guests can enjoy the resort life's pleasures to the sun goes down in the Adriatic Sea in a crackling color games. In short: It's hard to find something to put my finger on despite all the Nordic critical senses we manage to mobilize.

How to get there

For motorhomes and caravans: The motorway either from Venetia / Trieste in Italy to a few km. past Rijeka, where the road to Krk takes off. Alternatively the motorway from the capital Zagreb. During the summer, Norwegian also flies to Rijeka Airport, which is actually located on the island of Krk. More at For GPS: Croatia, Narodny Preporoda 80, Krk.


Hour prices at the campsite keeps a Nordic level and then some, for a family harbors the fort at around € 50. Villa carriage costs kept almost € 120 day.


As usual in Croatia there is very little, if any, risk of assault and robbery. Consistently adding people from themselves mostly on the beaches when it's lunchtime. Still recommends keeping control on mobile phones, house keys and other valuables.


Consistently eating much like Nordic diet in terms of ingredients and preparation. Seafood is a delicacy, mutton from Krk sheep going to be gastronomic experience.

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