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Text: Knut Randem, Main Source: Visit Sweden
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

Great pre-Christmas trips: Christmas markets in our neighboring country

Christmas markets are always a nice change in the gray and gloomy November and pre-Christmas season in December. In the next few weeks, it will get in the way of Swedish Christmas markets. Yes, somewhere they already started the first weekend in November.

There can be many reasons to take a trip to the neighbor. In November and December the Christmas markets are good pretext for a trip. Visit Sweden has made a larger overview of such Christmas markets and we have below selected some of the most relevant ones. They abound with gnomes, gingerbread, wreaths, Christmas gifts, Christmas presents and adventures. All links in the text are to external websites that have more information about each event.

We start in Western Sweden

All over Western Sweden, the border region that stretches from Svinesund to Gothenburg, there are plenty of nice Christmas markets. At Nääs Fabriker, just 15 minutes from Gothenburg, you will find an old industrial environment filled with Christmas cheer. The first Advent weekend, you can shop Christmas presents and decorations on the large-scale Christmas market. Around the region's many manor houses, cozy Christmas markets are also arranged in historical surroundings.


At Forsviks Bruk you get to return to a traditional Christmas celebration in 1906. Stroll among the ranks of different exhibitors in a contemporary market and taste Christmas gifts. Forsvik is a living museum where you can get an insight into the yard, the smithy and the mill. Baldersnäs Manor is another place that brings together some of Sweden's most skilled carpenters and craftsmen who sell their products at the Christmas fair. If you want to experience Christmas by the sea, Smögens Christmas Market is the place to visit. Here the harbor is decorated with candles and Christmas decorations, and local exhibitors sell goods made with love and care. The Christmas market ends with a beautiful torchlight train, which ends with a Christmas concert in Smögens church.

Gothenburg becomes a Christmas city

Gothenburg calls itself the Christmas town. Here is Christmas in all sorts of varieties throughout November and December. At Liseberg, the amusement park is decorated with a glittering winter landscape with thousands of Christmas lights in the period 1 to 30 December, and becomes the Nordic region's largest Christmas market with different themes, such as design, medieval and tradition. At Gunnebo Castle, just outside the city, an atmospheric Christmas market is set in a charming 1700th-century environment as early as November. While in the old Kronhus booths in the center, you will get old-fashioned Christmas atmosphere with home-made crafts and tasty delicacies for sale right up to December 21st.

Unique Christmas gifts

If, on the other hand, you are looking for more unique gifts, you can visit Christmas markets À la London, and at Röda Sten kunsthall. They offer modern designs and crafts for sale in inspiring environments. In the cozy district of Haga you can experience district charm with niche shops and cafes in combination with a pleasant Christmas market until December 22. And if you want to take with you the beautiful winter-clad archipelago in Gothenburg, you have to visit the island of Hönö Klåva one of the weekends in December, when Christmas market is arranged among the adventurous fishing boats.

Culture in Dalarna

In the traditional region of Dalarna, cozy Christmas markets are arranged throughout the pre-Christmas period, which ensures a Christmas atmosphere. The work in Avesta will be transformed on 14 and 15 December into an atmospheric Santa castle with all the accompanying scents, sounds and lights of Christmas. Of course also with Santa in place. At Nusnäs, the place where the famous Dala horse is made, you can experience a Christmas market with lanterns, torches, scents and atmospheric music. Once you are in the inland region, do not forget to see the Christmas market in the world heritage Falu Mine. The miners receive the children's wish lists and there will be guided tours of the mine, in addition to a traditional Christmas market filled with locally produced food, wreaths, roasted almonds and lots of other Christmas goodies.

Christmas markets in Halland

The coastal region south of Gothenburg holds nothing back in the pre-Christmas period. At the magnificent castle Tjolöholm, there are three big Christmas markets in November, with everything that belongs to Christmas. Experience real Swedish castle jewels, which we do not find in Norway. A little further east in Halland, on the cultural-historical environment of Äskhults town, it becomes the old-fashioned Christmas market, just like it used to be. The small bakery in Idala shows up with ham sandwiches, Christmas porridge and lice cats, and the farmhouse listens to the children's wish lists.

Historic buildings

In Halland, there are many historic buildings where evocative Christmas markets are organized in the pre-Christmas period. One of these is the market at Varberg Fortress, which is a traditional Christmas market filled with Christmas delicacies, such as sausages, cheese, marzipan, sweets and beautiful flowers. At the same time as the Christmas market is starting up, brave bathing nymphs are also throwing themselves into the sea at the annual "Christmas christening". The castle in Halmstad is also filled with Christmas spirit and locally produced food and crafts in December. Just south of the region, on Wapnö farm, Christmas cheer is spread with over 150 exhibitors. Here the Christmas atmosphere of the whole farm oozes with candles, Christmas songs, torches and Christmas trees. Bring your family to the Christmas market to shop for Christmas presents, but also to visit the animals in the barn, sample the tractor or sing Christmas songs with the chorus.

Medieval Christmas on Gotland

On Sweden's largest island you will find some of the neighboring country's most unique Christmas markets when “Medieval Christmas” takes on the world heritage city of Visby the first weekend in December. Experience knights, Christmas parties, theater and fire shows - all in the spirit of the Middle Ages. Also, do not miss an authentic medieval experience at the bistros Haren and Chapterhusgården in the city. The island has several cozy Christmas markets to offer, and from 23-24. November you can buy quality Gotland products, such as handicrafts, home knit wool socks and tasty pastries at Gotland's Christmas market at Wisby Strand.


Between Stockholm and Oslo you will find the Örebrö region. Every Sunday in Advent, a Christmas market is held in the historic old town of Örebro, called Wadköping. Among the crooked wooden houses you can buy Christmas decorations, crafts, food and everything else that belongs to Christmas. Under the auspices of Svenska Slottsmässor, a Christmas market is also arranged at Dylta Bruk, 1,5 km outside Örebro city. Dylta Bruk is a venerable manor house with ancestry from the 1740s. Here you can sample Christmas delicacies and buy crafts directly from local producers.

Nostalgic in Smaland

Småland is the popular author Astrid Lindgren's hometown and at Astrid Lindgren's Näs there will be a nostalgic Christmas with market, musical entertainment, performances and traditional crafts. Experience Swedish Christmas as in the famous books about Emil and Vi in Bakkebygrenda.

Every year, the famous Glass Kingdom of Smaland is transformed into a cozy winter landscape with snow, lights and stalls when the annual Christmas market opens to visitors. Five million Christmas lights, several thousand fir trees, carousels and circus performances are some of what will happen at Kosta in November.

Castle Christmas

Don't miss an adventurous Christmas atmosphere at Kalmar Castle in the city of the same name. The Christmas fair goes on to be one of Sweden's most beautiful and here you will find some of the country's best blacksmiths, candlesticks, carpenters and textile makers. The old town of Eksjö also knows how to make it an atmospheric Christmas market, and here you are taken 100 years back in time. The horseshoes echo against the cobblestone and the scent of mulled wine and molded light fills the streets around the old wooden settlement. At Huseby south of Växjö, what is being called the largest Christmas market in the Nordic countries is arranged with 170 exhibitors, but here they also pay NOK 100 to let you in.

Old Town in Stockholm

The Christmas market at Stortorget in Gamla Stan is the Christmas market in Sweden that has kept the cooking the longest. The market originated in the medieval markets in Stockholm and started as early as 1837. The stalls are open every day from November 23 to December 23.

At Skansen in Stockholm you can experience traditional Swedish Christmas celebrations all Advent weekends. Have a dance around the Christmas tree, look into the living rooms to see how the Christmas celebration was going on in the past and make some nice Christmas cards in the workshop.

Jämtland and Härjedalen

In the winter town of Åre, only a few hours from Trøndelag, you can meet Santa in his cozy Christmas room and shop in the market stalls in the square. Combine a shopping trip at the Christmas market with an active weekend trip in ski-eldorado. Every year, 20 visitors are attracted to the Jamtli Christmas market in Östersund every year. Jamtli can offer everything that is cozy with Christmas and fun activities for the children, such as Christmas workshop, dog team and horse and sleigh.

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