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Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 3, 2015 June

Going vacation trip to Europe this summer?

Many of NBCC's members are planning another trip down in Europe this summer. Then it may be smart to advance familiarize themselves with the speed limits and road tax in the countries you plan to visit.

Those who has traveled part around Europe know very well that it is not only here in Norway it costs to drive! And even if you in other countries are allowed to drive throughout 130 km / h with the camper, then it might be better to take it easy - you have the holiday!

Car with caravan usual way: From 70 km / h: (Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Luxembourg (75) Poland, Portugal, Spain, Hungary) via 80 km / h: (England, Finland, Croatia, Latvia, Lichtenstein , Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria). 90 km / h: France, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia. Motorway: Essentially: 80 km / h. Exception: France 130. Belgium: 120. England: 112. Bulgaria: 100. Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Slovenia 90 km / h. Germany: Normally 80. With Tempo100 approval: 100 km / h.

Campers under 3500 kg: Following essentially states normal speed limit on ordinary road. Motorways: From 80 km / h in many countries to 140 km / h Poland. Motorhome over 3.500 kg: From 70 km / h. (Bulgaria) to 112. km / h. (England).

road tolls

Most countries in Europe have tolls for driving on the highway. Whether in the form of prepaid vignette which is fitted to the windscreen (cars and trucks under 3500 kg.) Or bombrikke RV over 3500 kg. Other countries have tolls in terms of ticket drawn at the entrance, and then paid by credit card or cash at the exit of the freeway. Complete tables and listings available on NBCCs website.

The data is taken from, and quality assured against e.g. and We still make reservations, so also check the signs locally.

Environmental zones in Germany

To run into many German cities are usually needed green environmental sticker. Bought at DEKRA drives German car dealerships, costing it € 5,0. Vognkort with approval (NB, the requirement is EU 4 motor or later) must be submitted. Cars without valid sticker can get the wheels blocked and then transported by truck from the zone. The zones are marked with clear signage.

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