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By: Gunnar Apeland
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 6, 2015 December

An oasis in the woods: Glaskogen camping

If the claim is tiled toilets and showers which are operated with electronic key, a well-equipped bar and restaurant with music, you should go somewhere else. But if you enjoy tranquility, plenty of space between caravans and campervans and wind passing between pine, spruce and birch trunks, yes, then you should take a trip to this gem in the middle of Värmland deep forests. Here, nature and natural conditions the central.

Glaskogens nature reserve was created in 1970 located between Årjäng and Arvika. Here are miles of forest and several large lakes, including Stora Gla and Övre Gla. And it is between these Lenungshammar with Glaskogen camping located. Eldorado for hikers and canoeists, an oasis for those seeking tranquility of the forest. Far from shopaholikernes mecca, shopping centers, and youth clubs. This is the place for families who want to escape the bustle of play ground activities (which costs shirt), for nature lovers, for hiking enthusiasts (preferably under tents) and for hardcore campers with caravan or motorhome.

natural terrain

Glaskogen camping is located right in the woods. Driving roads meanders between trees and rocks, and it is only the individual pitches which are leveled. Here needed little adjustment to get the wagon or car level. At most places is electricity, and water pumps around ensuring access of clean and fresh water. The requirement 4 meters between devices is unnecessary. It is far between pitches, and you are assured of privacy without feeling of being located right in the middle of nowhere. For we can see the neighbors, but not hear them.

Outhouse with accessories

Glaskogen camping have service buildings with average standard. Up more. But they are close to the information and reception. And since most places for caravans and mobile homes located in the woods, there are other words far to go if necessary needs feels intrusive. But do not despair, it is set up outhouse around the whole area. Red-painted, clean and with the necessary equipment. Indeed also accessories in the form of dispensers with disinfectant liquid in the absence of soap and water. Hands can rest wash the nearest water faucet.

How to get there?

We drove over Winton and followed E18 until we could take north on road 172 which we followed to Strom. There are signs to Glaskogen nature reserve. After a few mil on narrow, winding gravel road with many steep slopes (12% incline stood on a warning sign), we came at last to Lenungshammar where camp is. And we were not the only ones. Very many Germans, some Swedes, some Dutchmen, a few Danes and a Norwegian RV. It almost seems that the Norwegians have not discovered this oasis in the woods. We have and chances are high that we take more trips. Home tour went over Arvika and Charlotte Berg. And it is enough that we use the next time too.

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