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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 3, 2015 June

Camping Safari in Serbia: Along Sava- riverbeds

Sava River cuts through the Pannonian Plain, the seabed after it which in its time was the world's largest inland sea. From the ledge high up in Slovenia and until it runs together with the Danube in Belgrade, it has elapsed 945 kilometers. Of these 206 km. in Serbia. They represent a great and different travel by camper or caravan.

Through four countries, former republics of the former Yugoslavia, flows Sava majestically through the great inland plain, where the sky is high and where a large part of the Balkans food production occurs. We are talking about biggest tributary of the Danube with a depth of almost 30 meters. Through the millennia, the river therefore been trading route to the hinterland of the Balkans. The fall on the plain is not large, and thus Sava little regulated. At times, this results in flooding which can affect almost 5000 square kilometers.

Latest flood was in 2014, and put parts of Belgrade underwater. In addition to several other villages and towns along the river are gone. Many places have been built dikes, partly of concrete in "outside of corner" to counteract devastating floods. Some of these dykes are formed so they can act as aquatic summer.

Starting in Belgrade

Beogradsjøen or Adasjøen, often called Sava jezero, is one of the finest innenlandsrivieraene in Europe. Just a few kilometers before the Sava flows along with the Danube, has created an artificial lake that occasionally summer frequented by closer 300.000 people daily. Campers have discovered this place and there is possibility for overnight parking on accumulated parking spaces along the lake. Along the Sava then passes a picturesque way, over farmland, through villages and small towns where time seems to go a little slower, and how stressed yet fully taken root.

In the high tide mark, the country closest to the river below the high banks, the opening to park with both campers and caravans. What especially Germans and the Dutch have discovered. By solving licenses, corresponding Norwegian fishing tax, one of the riverside take up today's dinner, although it does not look quite like Norwegian salmon or trout.

Good roads, nice people

The road is of reasonably good standard and will not disappoint Norwegians who have been outside the Norwegian main roads. In several villages there are parking spaces down to the river to use for both caravans and motorhomes. Some of these are private, so it will always pay to ask first. The vast majority are very nice, and as Norwegian it's easy to notice the bonds that in earlier times have been linked between Norway and Yugoslavia, and which today is taken over by the new countries that emerged for 20 years ago.

Srem Mitrovitza, the city with several eras

Closer to the new borders of Bosnia, the city Srem Mitrovitza where various eras are visible in the cityscape. Churches from the 12. century buildings with centuries of history and monuments from Roman times, says little about how the Balkans were actually European culture and history cradle. Illustrated by a brick wall pops up, decorated with Roman columns and stone buildings, painted by an unknown artist who obviously wanted to commemorate the city's past. A journey through central Balkans is as much an adventure holiday as an alternative to solslikking queued in narrow Mediterranean Beaches. The price level is mostly much lower, up to a third of what we are used to from Norway, and which is not a lot of tourist magnets in Spain, Italy or France. Travel time there with motorhome going fast 2-3 days, but then it opens up opportunities for adventure and recreation that can hardly be described. They must be experienced.

How to get to the Balkans

With motorhome or caravan is easiest to begin in Rostock and run straight road 10 through Germany to Passau and then via Graz in Austria to Zagreb, capital of Croatia. From there it goes freeway directly to Belgrade. Alternatively, there is the freeway via Split and almost to Dubrovnik, which may be part of a larger tour.


Powerful police regime for speed and bildokumenter along roads both in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, has worked well on road safety. It is recommended to keep the speed limits slavishly, when police like to have special attention to foreign vehicles. Green insurance card is mandatory. The traffic situation in Belgrade is considerably less strained than for example in cities such as Frankfurt, Munich or Copenhagen. One would be exposed to a traffic accident, it is wise to take pictures immediately for documentation.


Accommodation with motorhome has great flexibility, but it always pays to ask. Along the Sava River, there are many places for night parking on the riverbank below the high tide mark. Again, ask first.

fuel prices

The price of diesel and petrol is about 30% lower than in Norway. Most gas stations in cities take credit cards. Outside cities, the proportion who take short lower. Motorways have fees, the same applies to some of the main roads, where the fee is required at the border crossing.


  • Serbia: Dinar, where 1000 Dinars equivalent to about 75 Norwegian kroner.
  • Croatia: Kune, which corresponds to approximately 100 110 Norwegian kroner.
  • Bosnia: KM (Convertible Mark) which constitutes approximately 100 400 Norwegian kroner.

It pays to have some small amounts in local currency. Otherwise take most little bigger business credit cards, and that is good about ATMs in all countries.

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