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Text and photo: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5, 2015 October

Camping in the luxury class: Glamping in Istria

"Glamping" is rearrangement of camping holidays with a glamorous touch of modern comfort. Hardly anywhere fits this better than on the Istrian peninsula, located in the northwestern corner of Croatia. There are campsites close together, most out towards the green Adriatic. BoCM took a trip to test out the facilities.

It began with an invitation from Valamar Riviera to visit any of their many campsites in Istria. The result was a tour of camping land almost miss its kind in Europe. Istria is not only solslikking on the Riviera where water and air temperatures meet somewhere around 30 century summer. Istria also showcases the history and events that go back thousands of years back in time. It all bordered by the Adriatic which with its crystal clear water with discreet green color, inviting badeslaraffing for small and large. At campsites with or without clothes everything as appropriate. The peninsula has, however, a rough history that many locations can be seen.

Throw a ball

Istria has milennienne been shuttlecock between powers and rulers dating back to Roman times. Just last century peninsula nationality several times. First up was the Austro-Hungarian empire that disappeared with the First World War. In 1919 got Italy area as booty, and Istria was part of what is often called "free city Trieste" but which in practice was Italy's own backyard. The Italian fascists ended up on history's scrap heap under 2. World War and thus ended Istria as part of Yugoslavia. At two years, the vast majority of Italians kicked out. After the Balkan wars of 1990- century, the bulk of the Istrian part of Croatia, while a small strip furthest north ended in Slovenia. And so it remains.

tourist Eldorado

Croatia has taken well care of Istria, and has in recent years developed 20 peninsula into a tourist paradise, where a lot of great and well-organized campsites backbone, supplemented by beach hotels and pensions. Hardly anyone else in Europe is the campsites closer. Few other places can dish up the same number of hours of sunshine and bathing. For light frozen Northerners with caravans and mobile homes appear Istria therefore as something of a tourist paradise waiting to be "adopted." Two-day journey from Northern Germany is an affordable transport stage for campers with round wheels and three-four week holiday.

luxury Camping

Close by Porec, one hour drive south of the border with Slovenia, lies Camping Lanterna, one of the Valamar Riviera's two campgrounds as recorded in "Leading Camping Europe». German ADAC / ANWB named incidentally in May 2015 place to "Best Campsite 2015" which lifts it voted one of the best in Europe. Valamar has otherwise all 12 campsites in Croatia, which 6 in Istria, which Camping Lanterna is the greatest, says Nives Matic, marketing director for Valamar Riviera. The company has also traced back to 1953 but was completely reorganized in 2004. The past decade's most campsites powerful upgraded with modern sanitary facilities, fixed mobile-homes (what we call villa wagons) and a strong commitment to offer to vacationers guests. The offer includes sesongfastliggere, guests with caravans or campers for shorter or longer periods, or guests staying in villa carts.

One of the biggest

With its capacity of almost 10000 guests simultaneously, Camping Lanterna one of the largest campsites in Europe. Situated on a triangular promontory, the space surrounded by the Adriatic sea on three sides. Here, most of the camping life represented: Tent newlyweds young couple, caravans and motorhomes of all types, sizes and ages. A larger number of "mobile-homes" that can be rented by people who come by car or plane. These have running cold and hot water and air conditioning that makes heat shock any more tolerable. A number of small shops, markets, restaurants and småutsalg allows livsnødvendighetene not far away, wherever the place one had to accommodate.

long beach

Strand The line stretches across 3 km, the bulk of shade possibilities under large canopies when the sun roasts from almost vertical angle. Caravans and campervans are placed in so-called clusters or collections, spread over the vast area campground disposal. The distance between camping units are pretty good, and never less than the statutory 3 meters, said Nives Matic, marketing manager in Laguna. She was our guide during the round trip in space. It makes sardines-in-box feeling never got any attachment point, despite the fact that just over 2000 carriages and vehicles brought closer 9000 guests. The beaches were well organized and it was not crowded spots. For those who wanted to get salt in your hair, there were several pools with accompanying restoration to accommodate both completely inedible and drink's wishes.

More sections

Villa carriages for visitors gathered in certain groups, where there were also small shops for food and other beach equipment. Caravans and campers stood much about each others, and it seemed like it worked very well. Seats closest to the sea was of course the most coveted - and most expensive - but even in the middle of the square, it was no more than a few minutes walk to one of the many beach parcels. Matic says that many book season pass, and come by car or plane when vacation time comes. Even with the mild winter climate, closed campground altogether when the summer season ends in October and reopens in April the following year. Then all guest caravans out of place. Wintertime is then carts stored in large areas where they are supervised and often also get some service.


A walk on Lanterna Camping reveals many adventure opportunities. Strand Life with swimming was probably the most sought after and most people were probably there during the day. Or they cost under solskydd around caravans and campervans. Events such as tennis, mini golf and a variety of training options, was well spent, even if the temperature evenly over lay on top of the 30's. Vegetation in the form of large conifers provide shelter from the sun. Walkways meanders crisscrossing. Driving The roads are wide and paved, and the speed limit is max. 20 km.t. It was all clean and tidy, not so much as a popsicle sticks were seeing along the roads and trails. Restaurants were many, from small with light refreshments for large gourmet restaurants with wine lists that would not shamed a Michelin star or two. Every morning smelled the way the space of freshly bread and round pieces that are sold from the many small arches around the square. In short, the whole thing is facilitated to enjoy holidays and leisure - in the true sense.


Valamar has taken camping concept to a new level with the advent of "Glamping Tents". Around a framework of timber logs are drawn canvas. Within a inner tent with equipment, beds and closeness to nature that puts residents safari in Africa or other exotic parts of the world. This is a totally new concept for camping offers, says Nives Matic, showing us tents. Outside own swimming pools, and it all has views both to the sea and to the town of Novigrad situated opposite sides of the small inlet arm. The city has also a long history and is well worth a visit in itself.


Along the Istrian coast are a number of so-called FKK-campsites. FKK is the German term for what we call naturists, accounting for Frei Körper Kultur. At many German beaches showing signs of FKK and Textil what is appropriate bathing attire, from bare skin to scanty fabrics at strategic locations. At Nude slots on Istria you can spend your entire vacation without a stitch on the body. Be it in shops, restaurants or swimming beaches. Regulations turn briefly and firmly that it is not permitted to have clothes on inside the area, except when bad weather or cool evenings / nights. It is still recommended to bring a small towel to sit on when needed. Naturistcampingplassene is also very popular and attracts people from virtually all over Europe - including Norway and Sweden, we saw the car registration signs. Guests are of all ages, from children to adults very well. Incidentally, all photography totally prohibited. Should any act clingy or be a nuisance to others, they will very quickly be rejected by the guards at the sites, we got enlightened.

tourist destination

Along the west coast of Istria is a number of villages which itself is destination. From Umag in the north to the Limski Kanal (Lim order), we can mention cities like Umag, Novigrad, Porec and Vrsar. The latter is known as an artist town, and within walking distance of the city center are the campsite Orsera. Outside is not less than 18 islands an archipelago of the Adriatic. These can be reached by boats, providing the basis for many exciting expeditions, when deals on the campgrounds are no longer insufficient. We mention only some of the things included in the whole "package". Beyond business, swimming pools for children and adults, fitness and entertainment, have seats free internet, own children's programs, teen clubs, dance music evenings and bike rental opportunities. Seats have a private post office which also sells magnificent view of the surroundings for those who want to make your relatives and friends in Norway envious.


Hour Price for a caravan or motorhome starts at around a few hundred Norwegian notes and up to about 500 for those with the best location. Villa carriage goes from 5-600 and ports of over 1000 pr. days for the largest with the best location. With Norwegian purchasing power thus need a vacation stay at one of Istria's many campsites be budget spread transducers. Currency is Croatian kune, one now (October 2015) costs approximately Probably 1,20.

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