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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 1. February 2017

Camping Adriatic by Valamar: Upgrades the campsites

Camping Adriatic by Valamar is one of the leading tourist companies in Croatia with all 13 campsites along the Adriatic coast from Istria and Krk in the north to Dubrovnik in the south. Now the campsites are further upgraded to accommodate demanded campers from all over Europe. BoCM has visited Camping Lanterna and looked at developments.

Camping Lanterna is one of the largest campsites in Europe with room for 10.000 guests - at the same time. Strandlinja extends over 3 kilometers on three sides of the place itself. The shelters are shady underneath towering trees, some at the edge of the beach. In addition to caravans and campers, guests can also rent fixed mobile homes (wildcars)

The camping offer includes seasonal fasters, guests with caravans or campers for short or long periods, or guests staying in the wildlife wagon. A number of small shops, marketplaces, restaurants and retail stores make life necessities not far away, no matter where one should fit.

Children in focus

In 2016, the place was upgraded to 4-star family campsite with brand new car-free housing environments, and a 1350 square meter new bathroom environment with its own children's pool. Four other pools were upgraded with new water slides, sandy beaches and own beachside restaurant. Right next to the new bathing environments, a brand new Mediterranean Garden Premium Village has been established, with cabins, playgrounds, footpaths and small, idyllic bridges over small streams that cut through the outdoor areas. Here is the focus of the children's focus, the gardens are completely car-free, and equipped to make family holidays the best possible, says

Sanja Stojnić, "Front office manager assistant" at Camping Lanterna, while proudly welcoming us to one of the best campsites in Europe.

Natural System

Through the hills, small beech trees swallow between tree trunks. Hist and here are small walkways, and natural stones are chopped as benches and chairs. The children can unfold in climbing frames and slides with proper dimming underlay. The new cabins have roof tops and, of course, have state-of-the-art air conditioning. "It's all about recreating housing environments that have centuries-old traditions on Istria," says Sanja Stojnić.

pirate Skute

Close to the new camping area, the swimming facilities are located, one of them with a pirate boat in the city center. And it seems to be popular. The same applies to the large pool beyond, where you can sit on the cafeteria and enjoy both views and goodies by the way. A busy life for all ages tells us that this is a meeting place across generational boundaries. It is all monitored by lifeguards with vigilant eyes. Here it will be safe for even the smallest in the family. In the sea outside there are also large inflatable playgrounds and jumpers. Along the coast comes the snorkels studying sea life underwater.

New in 2017

2016 was a big success, and Valamar intends to continue in 2017. Then the aquapark will be expanded and will get heated water, says Nives Matic in the Adriatic city of Valamar. In addition, another new wildlife park will be all the way down to the beach zone. The main news is Campsite Piazza, a brand new big place with shops, bakery, market, restaurants and adventure area for small and medium-sized children. "Camping Lanterna has guests from most of Europe, and we also have room for more Norwegians," says Nives Matic to BoCM, recalling that it is part of Leading Camping Europe, and has received German ADAC / ANWB award for Best Campsite for years 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016.

Camping Krk

A little south of Rijeka is another campsite which in 2016 went up to the elite class with 5 stars, as the first campsite in Croatia. Camping Krk is an eco-friendly family campsite with a heated swimming pool and a range of health care services. New of the year is a large open piazza, or gathering place with shops, bakery, market and much more. The children are taken care of through the Maro Mini Club, the Maro Midi Club and the Teens Lounge, which range from kindergarten to teenagers. Camping Krk is also a Leading Camping Europe, and also received the ADAC / ANWB award for Best Campsite for 2015 and 2016.

Historical reason

Krk is the largest of all 1100 islands in Croatia, and has a wealth of nature that has given the island the nickname "the golden island". The town of Krk is one of the oldest town formations in Croatia, and throughout history has had a number of rulers who have all tried to leave their mark on buildings, monuments and churches. Around the city is a solid city wall that is dominated by the castle from the 14th century. Street theater, classical concerts and modern music collections resonate in the marketplaces.

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