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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 6, 2015 December

Brenner Pass: linking Europe together

Over Alps went through centuries the main road from northern Europe to Italy. There they met Roman legionaries the Gothic barbarians, where met Europe's great dictators of the interwar period, and around are a number of ski resorts where Norwegian athletes have reaped gold and laurels. We are talking about the Brenner Pass.

North of the Alps is Innsbruck, south of the Alps we find Cortina D'Ampezzo and Val di Fiemme. Between them is high mountain road with Europabrücke annually trafficked by a few million vehicles. All places are well worth a visit, a few days' journey by camper or caravan from our own home maker.

Olympic city Innsbruck

Our journey begins in Innsbruck, where the two Olympic torches from 1964 and 1976 Towering over Berg Isel jump hill where Thoralf Engan took his Olympic gold medal in 1964. The view of Innsbruck is tremendous. Those who remember the TV pictures of the time, remembers the comments that "now known Engan intend to land on the main street". Oh well, he landed normally in the outrun, but the images are still sitting in memory for TV viewers of the time.

The ski jump is modernized and newly built only a few years ago, and are now as before the New Year ski jumping competition and the German-Austrian ski jumping week for those who might be interested. The ground is easy to find where the towers as a memento of the terrain high above the center of Innsbruck. In the center we find the other Olympic venues located downtown. Including skating stadium where some of us remember Knut Johannessen lost battle against the lap times to Swedish Johnny Nilsson, after Sven Låftmann had broken the ice with his isprepareringsmaskin. Today a covered ice rink that supposedly will house mostly.

Highway or nature experience

From Innsbruck goes autobahn over the Brenner Pass to Italy. The enormous Eurpabrücke gives a powerful impression where it crosses the valley on high pillars. The legend says that at least a few workers fell within the shuttering during concreting on the highest of the pillars, and the supposedly lying there yet ...

For those who want a nature experience out of the ordinary, the old road preferable. Gamleveien is heavily trafficked, of caravans, motorcyclists and regular road travelers. Yet the pedaltråkkere lends itself uphills in violence. So here should be vigilant and not admire the scenery before the car is stopped at one of the many vantage points up the valley. But in return, you get a wonderful nature experience and the opportunity to drive through several small and richly ornamented villages where time seems to have stood still over the past centuries.

Brenner, where north and south meet

At the top is the border town of Brenner. In his time meeting place between dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini who here entered Berlin-Rome Treaty, it was later referred to as "Axis Powers" before 2. II. The agreement secured Italy a free hand in the Mediterranean, and Germany ditto north of the Alps, including Austria, where Italy is not so with totally frowned on the German "Anschluss". After meeting in Brenner, they were now good friends, and it was until both left this world a scant decade later.

Today encourages peace in the Brenner Pass, unless you look away from the noise of the hundreds of cars and trailers as every hour with great difficulty climbing up the climbs on the Autobahn. It is incidentally an attraction in itself. The entire roadway goes kilometer after kilometer as bridge pillars without actual scenery through the valley are affected. Remove the bridge and nature is automatically recreated. But it's probably here to stay, for the Brenner Pass runs a very large part of the traffic between Germany and Italy. No wonder, for the Swiss know how both will reduce traffic pollution - and monetize it simultaneously.

To run on the way to Switzerland, one must have a so-called vignette. It can be purchased, but applies for minimum six months. So even if one thus only going to run right through Switzerland in a few hours, one must therefore pay a half-year road tax. Smart - for the Swiss finance minister.

Unna Ground Val di Fiemme

From Brenner wheeling it away ground down in Italy. First major city is Bolzano. Slightly south of this, take the road of the Val di Fiemme, where this year's World Ski Championships brought Norway a medal harvest hardly any previously seen. Val di Fiemme is not the name of a city, but in a quite area that together have 11 municipalities, and where "capital" states Cavalese and under 20.000 inhabitants. It all surrounded by high Alpine peaks and a nature that invites you to ski all year round. Val di Fiemme have had the pleasure of hosting the World Ski Championships several times in recent years 20. The main road goes further down to Trento and Lake Garda in Italy, in itself well worth a visit. Alps offers a variety of attractions.

How to get there

Innsbruck is the easiest way to run the autobahn from Munich via Rosenheim. From there you can then choose to run the autobahn on the Brenner Pass, or to drive the scenic old road over Brenner. From Brenner, the main road straight down to Bolzano, and a half hour drive south from there take the road left towards Val di Fiemme area. Motorway over the Brenner Pass is extremely congested. Many therefore choose the old road, which thus becomes heavily trafficked by tourists in high season.

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