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By: Knut Randem, Illustrations: EHG.
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

Corona Summer 2020: 5 reasons why camping became this year's holiday winner

Motorhomes, caravans and campsites became holiday winners in the summer of 2020. Across Europe, the holiday form increased by 20 per cent compared with the previous year. Survey shows why.

This summer, 26,5 per cent more new recreational vehicles (motorhomes and caravans) were registered in Europe than in 2019. In July and August, Erwin Hymer Group (EHG) conducted a survey among 3000 people in Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Scandinavia. about their travel behavior in the corona summer. It reflects the registration figures. The survey was conducted by Custom Research 42 GmbH and will provide some answers as to why people chose camping as their form of holiday during the pandemic. That is, the half who went on vacation. The survey shows that half of the respondents in Europe did not go on holiday this summer. This is an increase of 70 percent from the previous year.

Camping new for half

13 percent of those who went on holiday chose camping. Package tours and cruises were the biggest losers with a decline of 69 and 42 percent, respectively. Why camping? Summer holidays on balconies and terraces were thus the most common form of holiday this summer. Among those who traveled in a motorhome or caravan, the holiday form was new for half of them. 18 per cent of those who went on a summer holiday in a motorhome or caravan this summer were on a package tour in 2019 and 16 per cent were in a hotel, boarding house or rented apartment last year.

Main causes

There were five main reasons why people did not choose the holiday form as usual this year. 80 percent did not want to travel by plane due to the risk of infection. 75 percent were worried that they could not go home when they had planned. Other important factors when choosing a holiday form were the fear of being quarantined, infection control measures and the risk of infection.

Camping holiday again

The main reason for choosing a motorhome or caravan was to be able to travel to different places (52 per cent), the independence it provides (51 per cent) and the proximity to nature (47 per cent). Others chose camping because it gave them the opportunity to try something new (40 percent), low risk of infection (30 percent) and just as many believe this form of holiday is a great way to unwind from everyday life. Among all those surveyed, as many as 43 per cent answered that they would consider traveling on a camping holiday over the next three years.

Destinations are affected

Destinations are also affected by the pandemic. The trend was quite simple that more people stayed closer to home than they would otherwise. The survey EHG has carried out does not address figures specifically for Norway, but figures Statistics Norway (SSB) publishes today show that Norwegian overnight stays at campsites increased by 40 per cent in July. Statistics Norway writes that the Norwegian guests replaced the missing foreign guests. The number of overnight stays at campsites increased the most in Viken and Nordland while the decline was greatest in Vestland. After 15 July, it became possible for foreign camping guests to come to Norway. It was then primarily Danes, Germans and Finns who came to Norway this summer.

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