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Book smart - Book directly!

Most of us use search engines like Google when we plan and book overnight stays at campsites in Norway. We often end up on the campsite's own website and there it is possible to book via a booking system, a contact form or inquiry via e-mail / telephone. In all these cases, your inquiry will be made directly to the campsite you wish to visit.

Where to book your camping accommodation

There is also another ordering option that many people use, but which may not all make people think about how it works. If you "google" the campsite you want to visit, you may have discovered that there are often search results that do not lead you to the campsite's website, but to websites that belong to well-known and lesser-known booking companies or OTAs as they are often called (Online travel agents ).

These are companies that have nothing to do with the campsite you want to visit other than that many, and perhaps especially foreign tourists, use these OTAs and it makes many campsites feel that they "must" be a part of this. The OTA goes so far that they buy into Google's advertising system on the name of the campsite, so that they will come at the top of searches when you and I google the name of the campsite we want to visit. Then the OTA will "steal" orders straight from its own customer - because that is what the campsite really is in relation to the OTA. In this way, the OTA will no longer be an extra place to be represented, as it was originally intended, but a direct competitor of the campsite itself.

Common to the OTAs is that they do not give much back to Norwegian tourism. Often there are large international companies behind these websites and apps, and the requirements that are set are only tougher and tougher in relation to, for example, the price they should be able to offer versus the price the campsites themselves can offer you and me directly.

It is also the case that the OTA runs off with a part of the profit, so that some of what you pay for the overnight stay does not end up at the campsite, but right in the cashier of the OTA. Do you think that sounded good? Would it have been better if everything came in to the campsite you are going to visit? They are the ones who will ensure that you get a new great camping experience, and then they need the income to, among other things, ensure upgrades of sanitary facilities and to facilitate that you get the best experience.

How should you order?

By booking directly to the campsite, the campsite can have a good dialogue with you and ensure that you provide good and personal service.

Our encouragement to you is that the next time you book an accommodation - whether it is at campsites or other places that offer accommodation - think about where you want your money to end up.

Our call is clear: Book smart - Book directly!

NHO Reiseliv is one of Norwegian campsites' most important partners and supporters, and they too have clearly stated what they think about OTAs and, among other things, the requirements for pricing. More about this can be found here:

On there is no intermediary, we lead you directly to the campsite you want to book at, either to the campsite's website or booking page.

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