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Easter greetings from the Camping Portal
Text and pictures: Campingportalen / Fortunaweb AS

Easter greetings from the Camping Portal

This year, too, Easter will be different than it normally used to be. Unlike last year, this year we are allowed to travel to cabins and to the campsites on certain conditions. Everyone with a motorhome and caravan must follow the same rules that apply to cabins, we can not travel from campsite to campsite, as this gives a significantly increased risk of spreading the infection.

Not closed campsites

The campsites that are normally open at this time of year are not closed this year as they were last year, but there may be strict rules that apply in the municipalities for what can be kept open on the pitches.

At some campsites, for example, there may be limited access to sanitary facilities with toilets and showers, others have made strict guidelines for washing. Some places will encourage the use of toilet facilities in your own camping unit.

Important rule that applies:

If you travel to municipalities with less strict measures, you should as a general rule follow the recommendations in your home municipality. Everything is a measure to limit infection.

Here on the Camping Portal, all campsites can update their "Corona status" so that it becomes as easy as possible for Norwegian tourists to familiarize themselves with the various rules that apply around the campsites. Many also post a status on their own website, so stay tuned either here on the camping portal or on the campsite's own website.

How to behave at Easter

Here are some of the guidelines Health Norway has on its pages after the press conference on March 23:

Of course, the new national measures also apply during the Easter holidays - no matter where it is spent.

The most important thing is that this Easter we travel as little as possible and meet as few as possible to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • We do not advise against traveling to the cabin - but only travel with your own household.
  • If you live alone, you can travel with one or two regular friends or one permanent household.
  • If you come from an area with a high infection, you should not stay overnight in hotels or similar accommodation during Easter. You should also not go on overnight visits or have overnight visits.
  • The recommendation to only have visits from two people and two meters away applies both at home and at the cottage.
  • If you live in a place where the municipality advises against visiting at home - you should also not have a visit where you spend Easter.
  • The recommendation to keep two meters away applies whether you spend Easter in the city or in the mountains.
  • The recommendation to avoid places where many people gather and wear bandages where it is difficult to keep distance, applies both in the mountains and in the city.
Finally, we at Campingportalen wish you and yours a happy Easter. Take care of each other -itj fårrå nålless!


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