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Text: Sven Furuly, Photo: Sven Furuly and Morelo
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

With room for a small car on board: Morelo in the lightweight class

There is little that is modest about Morelo's new flagship. Even the model designation raises expectations to a level where perfection and perfection are of the highest class. Welcome to the Grand Empire of the motorhome world.

It is difficult not to be impressed by the new flagship of the motorhome manufacturer Morelo. With its length of twelve meters and permissible maximum weight of up to 18 tonnes, we are no longer talking about comfort limitations in any area. The living space is like that of a small cabin, but the design, floor plans and equipment are like those of a new and modern art-deco apartment, with garage space for a small car on the lower floor.

Garage space

The Morelo Grand Empire is built on a three-axle chassis and driveline from the Mercedes-Benz Actros 2553L. This provides a stability and carrying capacity that is not only suitable for a motorhome of large dimensions, but also allows the weight of a small car such as a Mini in the underlying garage space, as well as large payloads in the other luggage compartments. A 12,8-litre diesel engine with an output of 530 hp provides propulsion - and with a 500-litre diesel tank, this motorhome has a worry-free range.


Customers can choose between two different floor plans, where the master bedroom aft and the bathroom in the middle are identical in both variants. The differences lie in the design of the front salon - or rather the living room - in the motorhome. The feeling of space is substantial, and among the specialties we find a two-zone music system and 230V electrical contacts throughout the living area. Side walls and roof have 52 millimeter thick insulation, and this means maximum comfort even in extreme temperature conditions.

Ergonomically designed driver's seat

Comfort already starts with the driver's seat. Mercedes-Benz is a major manufacturer of both trucks and buses. The factory's knowledge of developing an ergonomically good driver's seat - with everything from an air-suspended seat to logical controls and an interactive navigation system - makes hours behind the wheel a good experience. The elegant cockpit design and well-shaped seats follow the other colors and style elements in the salon. As an option, the Grand Empire can be ordered with a movable section that increases the width in parts of the salon by 45 centimeters. Maneuvering takes place with the push of a button, and the construction is designed so that no thermal bridges occur.


A 40" flat screen is included in the living room's entertainment package, and the kitchen (which is optionally longitudinal or a corner solution) is equipped with everything from an induction cooker to a microwave and a 196-litre compressor-driven fridge has a separate freezer section. We hardly need to point out that a dishwasher is also standard here. In short: There are just a handful of motorhome brands that offer absolutely everything you can think of in terms of equipment and details. Morelo is one of these. This endless selection includes everything from details in the bathroom to technical equipment on the car, such as blind spot warning, reversing camera and advanced alarm systems. The basic price of a Grand Empire is like a small apartment in a big city: Just under nine million kroner. Not quite for "most people", in other words!

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