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Text: Sven Furuly, Photo: EHG
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

With a caravan: From dream to reality

It's no secret that many people dream of traveling around with their own house on wheels and experiencing both large and small sights in Norway and abroad. If you choose a caravan, the dream quickly moves closer.

The great interest in motorhomes in recent years has almost pushed the traditional caravans into the shadow of oblivion. Motorhomes of both eight and nine metres, with prices of several million kroner, are not an unusual sight on Norwegian roads. Does this mean that the traditional caravan is about to become history, or is this a smart form of holiday that is just as relevant now as it was some ten years ago? Going on a camping holiday doesn't have to be expensive, and the basic investment doesn't have to scare anyone either.

The freedom dream

Bürstner is a German brand that has produced caravans since 1958. A manufacturer that has fulfilled the dream of freedom, exciting discoveries and good family finances over several generations. Camping life is among the most affordable forms of holiday, and a trip with a caravan on the hook can also easily become a good environmental alternative. With a separate kitchen on board, your own bed linen in the bedrooms and the family's electric car as a tow truck, a lot of family happiness can be created with a moderate budget. Bürstner is among the best-selling brands in Norway and has a wide selection. From simple small models in the Premio Life series, which with their low weight are easy to tow, to exclusive and compact "cabins" in the Averso Plus and Premio Plus series.


With a budget of around two hundred thousand kroner, camping life begins with Bürstner. The factory has placed great emphasis on durability and good material choices. A pram should still look "fresh" after many years of use. Table tops must withstand being used without being scratched, drawers must be able to be opened and closed thousands of times without wearing out, and mattresses must withstand many overnight stays without losing resilience or comfort. But most of all, it's about smart floor plans where the floor plans are well thought out and the living quality is the best possible in relation to the space available. A tradition that already started more than 60 years ago.

60 anniversary

With the opening of the first international camping fair in the German city of Essen in 1962, the start was made for both an adventurous industry development and for the establishment of Europe's largest and most important exhibition for caravans and motorhomes: Caravan Salon Düsseldorf. At this year's edition of the fair, it is the four caravan series Premio Life, Premio, Premio Plus and Averso Plus that carry the brand's traditions forward. The affordable entry-level models, which come with six different layouts and a weight starting at 1260 kg, are Premio Life. This year's novelty is the model 490TK, which offers both a large double bed and bunk beds. At the opposite end of the scale we find Averso Plus. Three floor plans, with a width of 232 cm and beds for up to seven people reveal the space conditions. A spacious bathroom and a kitchen with a 141-litre fridge provide home comfort during your holiday.

Economy friendly

Even a luxury caravan like this costs considerably less than even the simplest motorhome. It is cheaper to insure, has hardly any service costs, and winter storage is handled in the same way as a motorhome. Maybe it's time to think seriously about a caravan rather than a motorhome? If family finances get to decide, the choice should be easy.

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