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Text: Knut Randem,
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

More Mercedes from Adria

Adria's best sellers Coral and Matrix now come in versions built on Mercedes with the nickname Supreme. They are also still available at Fiat

The new generation Coral Supreme and Matrix Supreme are built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.

"We look forward to offering more choices to our customers. Now also with Mercedes-Benz precision, construction, style and user experiences," says sales and marketing director Matjaz Grm.

Both models are delivered with two trim variants and it is optional whether you want them on Mercedes or Fiat. The Sprinter is narrower than the Ducato, so for the Supreme models, a redesign has been made to adapt the living area and the Sprinter to each other.


The main difference between Coral and Matrix is ​​that Matrix has a drop-down bed at the front, while Coral instead has a large panoramic window in the roof. The Matrix is ​​currently the best-selling model from Adria. The Supreme models are supplied with 2 liter engines with 150 or 170 hp, nine-speed automatic transmission and a range of driver assistance systems. Under the living area, Mercedes is combined with AL-KO's chassis. That means they are front-wheel drive. The floor is flat throughout the living area and there is a spacious double floor. The solution is open and Adria expresses that they wanted to make the design exclusive, comfortable and flexible.

Different styles

Both Supreme editions are delivered in two different furniture styles, with a smart lighting system, Adria's S-Line kitchen and bathroom with separate shower and Alde heating. Coral Supreme MB 670 DL and 670 DC and Matrix Supreme MB 670 SL and 670 DC are the names of the models where single beds or double beds are the main difference. Adria joins Coral and Matrix in the ranks of motorhome manufacturers who choose alternative solutions due to the lack of chassis. We can then also mention that the new edition of Coral XL with alcove is now delivered on Fiat or Citroen.

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