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Text: Sven Furuly, Photo:
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

Hobby launches new: The Beachy concept also comes as a motorhome

Earlier in 2021, Hobby launched a completely new caravan concept, inspired by beach life and the maritime environment on Germany's coastline towards both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Now comes the first Beachy motorhome.

The two sea areas are connected by a canal, and not far north of this we find Denmark. The coastlines - whether they face west or east - are pretty similar. A walk by the beach gives closeness to nature and the elements. Sand, wind, windswept plants, driftwood and the smell of the sea. For the young Danish designer Anne Halskov, this was a backdrop for the design of a completely new caravan series for German Hobby. The goal was to look at caravan life with completely new eyes. Attract a more youthful customer group where the simple and easy should be prioritized over high comfort. The three new models, but their new brand name Beachy, we presented in Bobil & Caravan Magasinet number 3, and the world premiere was at the big fair in Düsseldorf early this autumn.

Adventurous reception

The reception has been adventurous, and the interest in the caravans with an interior design such as a large beach basket, has exceeded all expectations. Already at the launch of the Beachy concept, there was a motorhome, created over the same elements, in the cards. A compact and relatively inexpensive van-based version was the logical choice. Based on a Citroën Jumper, the Beachy Van 540 was presented to the public - with covered windows and limited access to see the interior of the 5,4 meter long motorhome. Again, it is the thoughts of Anne Halskov that make Beachy something very special. In many places on the Danish and German coasts, it is allowed to drive all the way down to the beach, and this provides guidelines for the caravan's interior. At the very back we find a seating area with longitudinal benches that can be converted into a seating area. Thus, the view, or perhaps a beautiful sunset, can be enjoyed with the two large back doors open. Two more beds are available under the large raised roof.

Disappeared bathroom

In the same way as in the Beachy caravans, the bathroom has disappeared. What remains is a kitchen with a 19 liter water tank and a similar greywater tank. The sink itself is made of stainless steel - and large enough to carry out a "cat wash". A portable "Porta-potti" toilet is also included as part of the standard equipment, and thus everything you need for a camping life, where the sea is your bathtub, is present. Cooking takes place on a gas-fired hob and a 70-liter refrigerator keeps food and drinks cool. Should there be a need for heating of the motorhome - should the fine weather fail - there is a diesel-powered heating system on board. A specialty is that the car has five approved seats, and thanks to a special leather system, these can be varied or removed completely before departure to give a better feeling of space on board when there are fewer people on the trip.

Beach experience

In the same way as in the three caravans, the interior is dominated by light and airy material choices that provide the good beach experience. Details such as lamps hung in chains and strapped textiles on the walls contribute to the maritime. Interested parties, however, will have to be patient, as it will probably only be launched in less than a year. The basic price in Germany is estimated at just under 40 euros. Whether there will be more variants later - such as a six-meter-long version with a full-fledged sink / toilet room - has not yet been decided. But there is little doubt that many motorhome users would like to have this on board!

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