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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

Hobby Beachy Air: The caravan concept of the future?

Battery-powered cars have entered traffic, allegedly to counteract man-made climate change. Several caravan manufacturers have produced small and light caravans, because very few battery vehicles have the ability to tow more than small and light caravans. Hobby has just as well created a new caravan concept, adapted to the battery car's limitations on traction and range.

"What will camping holidays look like in the future?" Hobby, the northern German manufacturer of caravans and motorhomes, raises this question. Hobby concludes that the caravan industry needs fresh and innovative ideas, and points out that the Beachy Air study they presented at Caravan Salon Düsseldorf is such an idea. And to properly emphasize the point, they had placed the new battery car, WW ID.BUZZ as the tow truck.


“Camping holidays allow us to embrace nature. Anywhere, anytime, anytime. Simple, flexible and with ease, it was said in the presentation of the new concept Beachy Air.

In short, it means a caravan that is so light and aerodynamic that it can also be towed by electric vehicles and with a category B driver's license. "Beachy Air showcases what Hobby believes is ground-breaking technology with a focus on lightweight construction and functionality", said Hobby's Holger Schultz about the concept, adding: "We wanted to achieve a curb weight of under 500kg to develop the perfect caravan for the age of electric mobility."

Beach tableau

Hobby had built an entire beach tableau on the stand where the new Beachy Air was to be unveiled. The curtain was pulled back to reveal a Beachy that lacked a fair bit of the usual caravan headroom. But that changed quickly, because the roof was quickly jacked up so that there was full standing height inside. This is a solution that Hymer has had on its small travel trailers for several decades, but it ensures low air resistance along the way.

Not winter insulated

With an empty weight of 500 kg. and fully loaded at 750 kg. there is little to do with the winter insulation. So this is a pure travel car for summer use, Schulz emphasized during the presentation. And he is undoubtedly right that those who will travel and live in a Beachy Air will have good and close contact with nature through thin walls and tent cloth between the wall and the roof when the carriage is parked. Other luxuries were also limited, for example the toilet was a modern version of the well-known Porta Potti. But apart from that, the wagon provided plenty of room for two good friends on a holiday trip to exotic destinations, of course in good weather and summer heat.

Put into production?

It was somewhat unclear whether the new Beachy Air would go into production, or remain a feasibility study. The regular Beachy has quickly become popular as a light travel pram, in competition with similar light prams from Dethleffs and Knaus. Hobby claims that with the Beachy Air they have overcome one of the current limitations many battery vehicles face. The low weight of the BEACHY AIR makes it both possible to significantly increase the range for travel and to expand the range of vehicles that can tow the caravan. The weight reduction is made possible through a monocoque construction and various lightweight components. "This special construction reduces the weight considerably without affecting stability or safety," said Hobby during the presentation.

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