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Text: Sven Furuly, BoCM and Photo: Michael Kirchberger, Hobby and Fendt.
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

Hobby and Fendt 2021: New and attractive model program

Together with the Fendt brand, Hobby is one of the largest German caravan manufacturers. Both have for many years had great success with their products, and in Düsseldorf there was a premiere for several interesting caravan news from the two suppliers.

A closer look at Hobby reveals that this traditional caravan manufacturer also has a number of motorhome models on the program, but it is the caravans that are closest to the heart of the founder, Harald Striewski. No less than six different model series large on the 2021 program, and now as before there is a strong focus on a combination of comfort and luxury at a reasonable price. At the large motorhome and caravan exhibition in Düsseldorf, the public could see all the new models. And there were many visitors to the Hobby stand, says Hobby himself.

Everything is included

A new and fresher look characterizes the new models. The review theme is Nordic bright and light in color, combined with interiors that pick up this year's trend colors in purple and gray in the two model series Excellent and Prestige. A new design on the kitchen's drawer section improves functionality and contributes to better space utilization. A good atmosphere is also important, and within each model series there is at least one model that is designed with a round seating group. An important characteristic of the Hobby carriages is what the manufacturer calls "Hobby Komplett". In short, this means that the customer must experience that everything needed to experience a full-fledged and well-equipped caravan must be included in the price. The idea is simply that it should just be hooked on a trailer hitch, distribute the luggage on the car and cart, and then embark on an adventure. Whether you have chosen from the most affordable "Ontour" series, or the most exclusive "Premium" series, where there is also a version with a large transverse bathroom at the back of the carriage.

Optima Ontour

Also when it comes to motorhomes, Hobby has strengthened its selection of affordable entry-level models and models in the middle price range. The "Optima Ontour" series is based on the Citroën Jumper, and these semi-integrated models have been launched with two new floor plans, where the big news is a spacious bathroom in the rear of the car. The alcove models have also received an increase in several new variants - with both single beds or a transverse double bed in the rear. Behind the name "Vantana" we find the van-based motorhomes for Hobby. The various models, with lengths from 6,0 meters, are all based on the Fiat Ducato. This year's big news is that the two single beds in the back of the cars have been increased in length by 9 cm - and thus offer increased sleeping comfort.

Fendt in premium segment

Fendt has been part of Hobby since 1997, and primarily covers the premium segment where we find the more expensive and luxurious caravans. The brand's new top model, Diamant, had its premiere for the public in Düsseldorf. The characteristics are a new and larger window in the front, better floor plans, better insulation and black polished alloy wheels. Fendt offers three different floor plans and the lengths are between 4,5 and 7,0 meters. Decor in high-gloss white helps to enhance the exclusive kitchen, where the glass back walls have backlighting. With electric underfloor heating, the floor is always warm, and even on a cold winter day, the Diamond models offer a warm and cozy interior. With its internal standing height of 198 cm, it also does not pinch the experience of spaciousness and comfort, even for tall Norwegians.

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