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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

From concept to production: Hymer presents an off-road motorhome

The concept car, Hymer Vision Venture was presented at the Caravan Salon 2019. Three years later, Hymer has put the motorhome into production, and it is a real off-roader that is being shown.

Hymer believes that the Hymer Vision Venture represents a bold response to current and future trends in motorhome design. "With the Venture S, we have recreated motorhome driving from the ground up, while taking inspiration from the needs and ideas of the van-life community," said Christian Bauer, President of Hymer GmbH & Co. KG, at the presentation in Bad Waldsee in August this year. "The result is a completely new category of motorhome that we are now launching on the market – driven by the outstanding feedback on our concept car and supported by the expertise of our company – after only a short development phase." Bauer noted

Available for order

As an exclusively equipped off-roader for two people, the Venture S promises freedom without compromise. With its compact vehicle length, narrow vehicle body and striking off-roader aesthetics, the Venture S embodies an entirely new vehicle category, claims the manufacturer. It is all placed on a chassis supplied by Mercedes, and thus users do not have to worry about the timing belt breaking during slightly challenging off-road driving. Because Mercedes comes with a timing chain, and they tend to last the entire life of the engine, provided that the service intervals are observed. Equipped with Instant Loft – a pneumatic pop-top roof with integrated stairs, and a rear hatch with real glass Infinity Screen, the campers are guaranteed a 180-degree panoramic view of nature, and an exclusive sun terrace.

New furniture finishes

The felt-look wall covering contributes to a harmonious interior atmosphere. The adjustable table with bamboo table top can be easily folded and stored under the bench when not in use. In fine weather, the open hatch on the Venture S further expands the living space, opening up a private yacht-style sundeck for an uninterrupted view of the countryside or a front-row seat by the lake. Drawers, cupboards and additional storage space contribute to a good sense of space and remove most holiday luggage.

The sleeping area

The Venture S has a powerful compressor that inflates the pop-top roof in less than three minutes and protects against noise, light and temperature differences. The firmness of the mattress can be adjusted individually via the Hymer Connect app. The comfort staircase in the Venture S provides easy ascent to the "top floor" and can be safely used in the dark thanks to illuminated steps. The rooms integrated into the steps provide additional storage space. Good storage and charging options for smartphones, e-books etc. are available and ensure good comfort.

The kitchen section

A fully equipped kitchenette with a multi-functional wall provides plenty of available storage space in the form of hooks, shelves and containers. A drawer with storage for a cutting board extends the kitchen counter. All provisions and utensils can be stored in a storage box system. The metal surface of the worktop has a matt finish, which prevents glare when driving. It is also resistant to moto fingerprints and scratches. The back of the tiles is made of a solid surface composite based on powdered stone, which makes them almost similar to conventional tiles in terms of look and feel.


Venture S has two sanitary rooms in one. In a single movement, the bathroom – including an optional ceramic toilet, basin, mirror and built-in cupboards – can be transformed into an even larger laundry room with a floor-level shower. With a look and feel similar to real slate, the new "Slate Light Rocks" furniture finish convinces with the feel of real natural stone. It is also robust and easy to clean. A 120-litre fresh water tank allows you to enjoy long showers or travel even further "off-grid".

Home office

Work – Venture S also includes a home office concept for anyone who wants to combine self-sufficient travel with the ability to work on the go. The desk integrated into the side wall behind the passenger seat can quickly be set up as an individual workstation under the flexible skylight and allows for location-independent work. Power supply is provided by three 115-watt solar panels, six internal 230 V outlets and eight USB ports. In combination with the Hymer Smart Battery System 2.0 and 320 Ah lithium batteries as well as the standard inverter, the system provides up to 10 days of self-sufficiency without running out of power.

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