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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

Fendt caravan 2023: Starting with a newcomer

Fendt Caravan has the same owners as Hobby, but has its own production lines and design development. Fendt has focused on more exclusive market segments, but this year presented a completely new wagon series for most people.

The brand new Apero series is referred to as a hip lifestyle and can be experienced in 7 floor plans with modern, lively interiors and sleeping places for up to 5 people with bunk beds. The Apero series has a completely redesigned furniture interior for that special "being-on-the-go" feeling. Fendt offers 6 layouts with standard sleeping space for 4 people.

Same design expression

Apero has a completely new exterior design, which is also introduced on the Bianco and Tendenza series. It consists of new LFI front parts, and the rear and side walls with new exterior decor that will identify the latest generation of Fendt caravans at first glance, the factory believes. All series have been given flat rear lights with an expressive slide. The rear view with LED Edge Light taillights and "glowing surface effect" gives the new Fendt camper a car look. The rear light is integrated into the multifunction light and the rear fog light is located in the middle of the light lines at the rear. The precursor to this look, the diamond, is gently optimized.

Classic design

The wagons from Fendt have traditionally had a classic design, i.e. a seating area at the rear and a sleeping area at the front. Now this has been softened somewhat, and you can get the seating group both at the front and on the long side. They have thus adapted to the so-called "Scandinavian lay-out". For example, the Bianco series offers 16 floor plans with living room planning and sleeping places for up to 6 people, in addition to other family models. The luxury model, the Diamant series, has 3 layouts and is aimed at the luxury segment. The interior in all models has also undergone extensive optical and technical development. New floor plans and new living environments offer even more interesting living solutions, Fendt believes.

Individual adaptation

Interior-wise, Fendt-Caravan continues to focus on individually adapted living environments. This season, the different interior designs consist of 8 different fabric variants and an optional special equipment in real leather as well as 4 different wood decors. The Fendt-Caravan range for the 2023 season includes 33 layouts in 4 series, 6 of which have been completely redesigned: Apero 495 SG, Bianco Activ 515 SKF, Tendenza 550 SG, 560 SFDW, 560 SG and Diamond 560 SD Apero alone offers 7 layouts , with a real newcomer: the Apero 495 SG

Bianco has 16 floor plans opening up a wide range in the feel-good series, new here is the Bianco Activ 515 SKF

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