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By: Bjarne Eikefjord
Caravan and Caravan magazine, No. 1 February 2021

Fendt 2021: Anniversary with new logo and new design

Fendt is referred to by many as "the little brother of Hobby", but is in reality a separate producer with its own design and production line. A couple of years ago, they opened a new factory, and in the anniversary year 2020, they come with a new logo and upgraded appearance of caravans.

Fendt started making caravans in 1970, and the factory is owned by Harald Striewski, who also owns the Hobby factories. Fendt is known for good quality cars, and emphasizes that they are somewhat higher on the quality scale than Hobby. For the 2021 season, they come with several news that will help strengthen the quality level. For example, some new exterior design with a changed front, and other details such as a new design on aluminum rims. Inside, there is more closet space and more choices on fabric in seat cushions, and a separate anniversary equipment package. Roof hatches can be found both in living rooms and in a "children's room". Fendt now comes with a complete door solution with its own mosquito door.  

new models

Fendt has 5 different series with a total of 30 models. New for 2021 is that the Bianco series will have a compact car, 445 SFB, and a larger 720 SKDW. It is a typical fixed trailer with its 2200 kg. total weight, width of 250 cm., Alde central heating and underfloor heating can be controlled with Truma iNet. and separate shower. The kitchen has a Thetford TRIPLEX oven with grill and wood hob and a Dometic Slim Tower refrigerator of 133 liters that can be opened from both sides, and therefore is easily accessible both from the kitchen and from the awning. There we also find an extractor fan which is nice to have when cooking.


The carriage has a large and comfortable round seating group in front. The bedroom is in the middle with an extra wide double bed with a spring mattress measuring 150 x 205. At the back there are two extra long bunk beds with windows that can be opened. Since digital media has made its entrance into camping life, the caravan is equipped with several USB charging sockets integrated in the reading lamps of each bunk bed. The berths are hinged so that you can use the space as an angle seating group in connection with the bench, or as a garage as needed. A practical column table is in place, and can easily be lowered and placed under the bench when the space is to be used for other purposes.

Large bathroom

A large bathroom with en suite shower cubicle and a swivel Thetford toilet occupy the room at the rear. Emptying the toilet is added to the left side of the carriage. In the bathroom there is also a practical towel warmer in combination with the Alde heater. Like all Fendt trailers, this one also comes with a 5-year guarantee and a 12-year tightness guarantee. The price is in the higher level, but in return you get a caravan that can serve the camping family for many years.


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