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Text and photo: Sven Furuly
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

Dishwasher and wine cellar

Italian Laika has a great focus on both unique design and special solutions for well-being and well-being on holiday. New formats and model series give the brand great breadth and appeal.

Over a number of years, Laika has profiled itself as a motorhome manufacturer with a strong focus on design. In addition, the Italian expression "dolce vita" has run like a red thread through the various models, and precisely the good life is firmly rooted in this brand. At the same time, it should be easy to have a good time! With the Laika Smart Caravaning system and the "My Laika app", it is easy to both have full monitoring of all vehicle functions and at the same time be able to operate everything from central locking to heating and control of the awning from your own phone.

La Dolche Vita

The good life comes in several different formats, and for many in the south of Europe it is the new compact "campervans" that are the answer to their holiday dream. With its length of 4,97 meters and flexible raised roofs, the Kosmo Urban model is an interesting alternative. The model is based on Ford and has both driving characteristics and agility on the same level as a passenger car of the same size. The fact that Italian Laika is turning its eyes to Ford to gain access to base vehicles for its production is startling. They tell with full weight how Fiat is struggling to adapt to new emissions requirements and solve logistics problems in the wake of the corona pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

Own wine cellar

But Fiat is still strong in the important semi-integrated motorhome segment. Here we find the brand new Laika Kreos 5900L. In this segment, there is a tough competition for customers, and here it is important to have solutions and equipment that give a distinctive character. How about a wine cellar in the back of the car's garage? 5900L has this, in addition to a dishwasher in the kitchen. Also note the functional water tap on the kitchen counter. At the same time, the coffee table is circular - and thus less practical than a square table. Precisely this contrast between practical solutions and clearly design-led choices is one of the fascinating things about Italian products - whatever they may be.

Flexible beds

The brand's best-known motorhome series is Ecopvip, and for the 2023 season Laika is introducing the CV645 model. It has a length of 6,36 meters and is based on the Fiat. Among the many details that contribute to the special Laika signature, we find a driver's seat and interior in white leather, but the car hides a very special detail. Two single beds in the back of the car can be converted into two opposite longitudinal sofas with a table in between. If desired, a loose cushion can be placed at the back, and then you also get a U-shaped sofa. It is also possible to create a double bed. This is a very unusual solution in a city motorhome, and fully demonstrates the great creativity we find at this manufacturer.

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