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Text and photo: Knut Randem,
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

C for compact from Rapido

Rapido has four models in its C series. They stay between 599 and 699 cm. The lack of chassis has also led to Rapido using new manufacturers.

The four compact models C50, C55, C56 and C86 are now built at Peugeot. All four are delivered for a maximum weight of 3500 kg, but all can be upgraded by a few hundred kilos. The C56 is the shortest of them at 599 cm, but we will take a closer look at the Norwegian current and renewed C50.


The Rapido C50 is a compact semi-integrated motorhome with a length of 659 cm and a width of 217 cm. As standard, it is supplied with a 2,2 liter engine with 140 hp. It can be upgraded to 3650 kg with a 165 or 180 hp engine. The curb weight is not stated in the early information for the model. Therefore, we cannot say anything about the theoretical load capacity either. Although the C50 is compact, it has a central double bed at the back, a combined shower and toilet room and a pull-down bed above the salon. The lower bed should have room for one person, but the right people can perhaps share it?

The C50 has four places with seat belts, five dining places including one on a folding seat by the door and at least officially has three sleeping places.

Peugeot chassis

The model has previously been found on Fiat, but due to the lack of chassis from Fiat, it now comes on Peugeot with some upgrades. The only negative (for some) about switching to Peugeot is that it only comes with a manual gearbox. Both around the bed and the lounge it must have had better air circulation, which is always more than an advantage in winter. Speaking of winter, the C50 is supplied with Truma diesel heating, which ensures fast heating. The 140-litre fridge has a compressor and therefore only runs on 12 or 220 volts. This saves a gas bottle, as neither the heating nor the refrigerator need gas.

Adjustable bed

The double bed at the back can be adjusted 20 cm in height to provide more space in the garage, it can also be retracted to provide more floor space when not in use. The lounge is a traditional L-shaped sofa and the table is practically foldable. A large panoramic window above the driver's position provides extra light in the salon together with an ordinary skylight.

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