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Text: Knut Randem,
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, September 4

Bauer presents: The retractable camper

Some are more creative than others. French Beauer has been producing pull-out caravans for several years. This year they have also launched a motorhome based on the same concept.

Beauer's idea is to place the housing unit on a suitable model from Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Mercedes or Iveco with a single or double cab. You can almost say that they have taken the wheels off a caravan and placed it on the loading platform, but it is explained a bit easily.

The housing unit has a telescopic function. This means that in ready-to-drive condition it is only a third of the size it is when used for overnight accommodation. Then the living area is 12 square meters and can sleep four.

More choices

According to Beauer, it should take a minute to pull the living unit out to full width with 12v, but if necessary it can be expanded and collapsed manually if, for example, you lose power. In the ready-to-drive position, the motorhome can be parked in a normal parking space, but when pulled out, it easily takes up three parking spaces. It then measures 460 cm. Beauer states that the length of the vehicle is 600 cm, the height 290 cm and the width 195 cm in the ready-to-drive position. In living mode, you enter from the back and enter the kitchen with dining area. In one wing there is a bedroom and toilet and in the other a sofa group. The manufacturer offers several options both in terms of colors and equipment. A shower is among the options the customer can make.

Separate parts

And if you wish, it is also possible to equip the living module so that it can be left at the campsite when you go on a trip with the vehicle. There is no connection between the cab and the living area. The housing unit can be delivered with all the facilities a motor home usually has, but perhaps with somewhat less thought than usual. The model is only sold in France. If you want to see more, go to

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