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Text: Sven Furuly, Photo: Sven Furuly and Mink (Opening photo)
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

Anything other than an A4 product: Mink 2.0 retro camper from Iceland

In recent years, several caravans have emerged that break down the traditional. From compact German caravans in retro design, to a completely new product from a country we do not associate with caravan production at all. We have taken a look at the Mink 2.0 Camper from Iceland.

If you have ever been to Iceland and met these people, you will hardly be surprised by this special and creatively designed product. You should not drive many minutes out of the capital Reykjavik until you are surrounded by rugged nature. Like Norwegians, Icelanders are also interested in tourist cabins and camping life - in addition to the fact that many also have their own cabins.

Car in the wilderness

The biggest difference is that an Icelander likes to use the car a good distance into the wilderness. And wading across a river with your SUV is also quite common. Against this backdrop, Kolbeinn Björnsson and Ólafur Sverrisson established the company Mink Campers in 2015. The basics of the design were to be function, sustainability, solid craftsmanship and long life. Thus began the creative process of constructing a caravan unlike anything else on the market. The special mobile sleeping space was positively received, and after a while this inspired to create an even better product. In the spring of 2019, the second generation sports camper was launched - with the name Mink 2.0 Camper.

Unique carriage

It only takes a brief glance to determine that the product is completely unique. The external dimensions are compact, but still there is room for a large bed of 140 x 200 cm inside the large transparent round doors. In addition, the trolley has a canvas «bunk with the dimensions 140 x 52 cm to hang up. Both the large panoramic window in the ceiling and the round transparent doors have canvas curtains to draw on. The rear is hinged at the top in the same way as the rear door of a station wagon, and hides a small outdoor kitchen. There is also plenty of storage space here, divided into specially adapted plastic boxes. The equipment also includes a cooling box, while a primus with two burners can be ordered as an option. In the kitchen you will also find a 12V and a 240V socket, as well as LED lighting. The trolley is built on an AL-KO chassis in galvanized steel and has a length, including the drawbar, of 4116 millimeters. The long drawbar allows you to mount a specially adapted holder for two bicycles, or a holder for skis and snowboards on the trailer.

Rent a car and cart

The Norwegian dealers, which are located in Lillehammer and Leknes in Lofoten, also give you the opportunity to rent a MINK 2.0 for a shorter or longer period of time. The daily rent is 990 kroner and a weekend costs 2500 kroner. If you want to explore camping life for a whole week, it costs 6500 kroner. For those arriving by plane, it is possible to combine both car rental and caravan. In addition, everything from gas boxes to bicycle holders and electric bicycles can be ordered. The most important thing, in our opinion, is the fact that you can rent a MINK camping trailer before you go to the step of buying your own trailer. The basic price is 199 kroner for a fairly complete trailer, while equipment such as solar panels or Webasto heating systems must be ordered separately.

Heat under the mattress

The special design of the heating system ensures that 70% of the hot air fills the entire cabin, while 30% circulates under the mattress for top comfort and minimal condensation through a cold night. This compact and groundbreaking caravan really invites to individual hiking experiences and accommodation in exciting places. With its ground clearance of 33 cm, it looks good hanging on the hook of a four-wheel drive SUV. With a weight of only 490 kg, it is also no challenge for an electric car with a trailer hitch mounted.

Laws and regulations

The really big challenge lies in the intersection between the Right of Public Access and the Act on Motorized Traffic in Outlying Areas. The desire for "wild camping" with super views and beautiful nature outside the round MINK windows, should not lead to an unpleasant encounter with the "Long Arm of the Law". If you want to be on the safe side, you should stick to established roads - whether it is forest roads open to public traffic or toll roads with permanent pavement. The place where you park your car and set up camp with your MINK should be in the immediate vicinity of the road. Also, a permit from the landowner to move some distance away from the road is in violation of the law on motorized traffic. Easy to remember - when the whole wonderful MINK concept invites you to just the opposite!  

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