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Text: Knut Randem, and BoCM
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

Adria motorhomes 2021: Renewed and lifted

Adria renews the semi-integrated Matrix and Coral and lifts the roof of the Twin motorhome, and now offers a joint project with appeal to various customer groups

- "We have developed a new generation of Matrix and Coral" - says sales and marketing director Matijaz Grm in Adria Mobil. The two models have been developed from the ground up as a joint project, each with its own distinct personality, so that they will appeal to different customer groups. Coral with its large skylight will give what Grm calls the "atrium feeling" in the semi-integrated models. Much of the technology has now been moved down to the double floor and more weight has been taken into account when distributing tanks. Coral is available in nine interior variants where you can choose between L-sofa and opposite sofas in combination with different bed solutions.


- «Matrix is ​​our best-selling motorhome and also offers a large equipment package. The lowered bed in front makes it great for families and groups "-, says Grm. At the same time, it has received new lighting and better ventilation. - "The new generation Matrix raises the level of combination motorhomes and makes it possible for our customers to live in the best way" - says Grm. Adria believes that Matrix with its new interior design gives a softer impression and a more homely atmosphere where you can choose between several furniture styles.

Sound system and coffee machine

Adria says that they have also renewed and improved multimedia with a new sound system, Bluetooth, USB charging and several other details. There is also space for an optional coffee machine. The new generation Matrix and Coral are offered in Supreme and Plus models on the Fiat Ducato. The classic Axess models are continued as an entry-level offering with the Ducato or Citroen Jumper as the base vehicle.

City motorhome with bed on the roof

Adria's new Twin Sport series has in the 2021 edition received a raised roof with extra sleeping space. Twin Sports 640 SGX will combine the best features from Twin Supreme and with a raised roof it can offer good accommodation for four people. And as the name suggests, this should be a city motorhome for those who like sports and an active life. There is plenty of storage space under the beds behind. The raised roof is very special. It is hinged at the rear edge on each side of the a / c if it is mounted and lifts with it the mounted solar panel. Thus, with low sun and the right parking direction, you can get extra effect from the sun's rays. Two people can sleep "on the roof", two in the back in a double bed and maybe one person in the lounge if there is a problem.

Based on Ducato

The new Twin Sports Edition premiered at the Caravan salon in Düsseldorf in September. Like the other Twin models, this one is also built on the Ducato.

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