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Text and photo: Knut Randem,
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, No. 5 October

A slimmer Frankia

Frankia Neo will also come in a fully integrated version in 2023. The novelty was presented in its shortest version under 7 meters earlier this summer.

Last year, Frankia came out with its new Neo MT 7, a semi-integrated and relatively narrow motorhome. The width is only 224 cm. In the 2023 model year, Neo also comes in a fully integrated version - Frankia Neo MI 7. In familiar Frankia style, there is solid headroom inside. An adult person of almost 2 meters should not sub the roof here.

The spacious double floor provides additional storage options. There is also a through room, which is well suited for skis or other long objects.

Two variants

Neo MI 7 is delivered in two variants where the bed is either transverse or longitudinal single beds. The two models have a length of 688 and 702 cm respectively. Although a drop-down bed at the front can be supplied as an add-on, this is probably a typical motorhome for two people. The kitchen is placed flat along the right side while the bathroom is placed on the opposite side directly in front of the beds. This makes it possible to push both the sink and the toilet under the bed when the shower is to be used. The shortest variant has an L-sofa in the lounge and with an option for an extra seat on the right side. The longer version has an ordinary two-seater sofa and no option for an extra seat.

With stars

Neo is based on the Mercedes Sprinter and can be registered with a maximum weight of 3500 kg, but with an expected net weight of almost 3100 kg, it may be practical to use the option to upgrade the weight. Official weight was not available at the press screening earlier this summer. The semi-integrated model should be 100 kg lighter than this year's novelty. The shortest version with a transverse double bed at the back is naturally the lightest. If you are going to have the 703 cm long model with single beds, the weight will probably be somewhat higher. Neo is hardly related to the larger models from Frankia. The exterior design therefore stands out somewhat in the front, but is well adapted to Mercedes' technology for advanced assistance systems. Neo MI 7 is built on AL-KO's low chassis and thus has front-wheel drive. The engine is delivered with 150 hp.

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