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Text: Sven Furuly, Photo: Pontus Enghed
Motorhome and Caravan magazine, December 6

A design boost that seems: Kabe caravans 2021

In connection with the launch of the 2021 models, Swedish KABE is carrying out a major design boost that will be visible both externally and internally in the five different caravan series offered.

A complete selection of caravans in several classes makes Swedish KABE an interesting supplier to Norwegian camping enthusiasts. Not least because more and more Norwegians are opening their eyes to year-round camping - which makes KABE a brand to take a closer look at. And it has not been difficult to spot these caravans among others - with their characteristic red stripe on the white caravan box. With the 2021 models, KABE implements an important design boost in all model series - and thereby creates even more attractive models.

Smooth surfaces

The characteristic red and white design is now combined with smooth body surfaces and the decor has also been given elements of black effects, depending on the model series. The most affordable, Classic, has been given a surface finish called the "mini ball hammer" and has been given a new rear end, while the next step up, Edelsten (Ädelsten in Swedish), has been given completely smooth body surfaces as standard. If we look at the prestige series Imperial, it is not difficult to see how the use of decorative stripes gives a modern and elegant impression. The five caravan series also bear the names Classic, Gem, Royal, Crown and Imperial.

Nordic decor

The decor is inspired by the Nordic and bright. Unlike several Central European manufacturers, KABE emphasizes material choices and colors taken from our bright summers. The carpentry work has surfaces in Nordisk Eik on all series, with the exception of the entry-level Classic series, the table tops are in "coffee-latte" color, the worktops are mottled gray, while the whole is rounded off with wall and floor surfaces in light tones. At the same time, the furniture's construction and design radiate quality and well-thought-out solutions. The bathroom in particular - located in the rear - is worth highlighting. A new shower enclosure and generous space increase the book quality when the holiday extends over a longer period of time.

Technical upgrades

The new KABE vintage also brings with it several technical upgrades that contribute to higher comfort and a simpler holiday both summer and winter. For the kitchen in the Royal and Imperial series, it is now possible to choose compressor-driven refrigerators that combine low energy consumption with high cooling and freezing capacity even during long heating periods. The Royal series also opens up the possibility of choosing a completely new stove. Not only does it have four burners, but it also has a convection oven that operates at 230 V to provide more even and efficient heating heat. The most important news, however, for many will be the newly developed two-zone heating system in the floor. Not only does waterborne heat provide superior comfort, but now it is divided into two zones with the possibility of individual temperature solution. Not least in winter, this is attractive: Cozy heat in the lounge and kitchen, while the sleeping area is cooler. A smart use is that the return water also provides stable heating of the bathroom.

Favorite for younger

The most affordable caravan series with the designation Classic is a favorite among many younger families and first-time buyers. The equipment list is shorter and there are fewer options, but the series offers a lot of space and comfort for the money. In the series, we find "children's room" prams with the option of choosing bunk beds, as well as several prams with favorable weight and size. Classic also offers several different floor plans with single beds or a double bed, combined with a comfortable bathroom in the rear. New for 2021 is also a larger window in the kitchen and a spacious seating area in front of the Classic caravans.

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